Who am I?

Hey! My name is Ysmay. I'm a yoga teacher and yoga marketing coach, and the founder of 42Yogis.com.

Yoga has helped me overcome an uncommon nervous system disorder that largely impaired my ability to live a normal life.

Now I am dedicated to helping everybody achieve wellness through yoga using the free content at 42Yogis.com. In my coaching practice, I empower yoga teachers to serve more authentically and reach students who need their services.

Throughout my life I have done a lot of different things, and I bring my unique mix of skills and experience to my clients.

What I do

Clarity of Purpose
Those who succeed in helping others are those who are clear on their purpose. Together we will uncover yours, and infuse it into your soulful strategy so every action you take in your business going forward is purposeful.
Soulful Strategy
If you're like most yoga teachers, you probably feel like you're spinning your wheels. Without a strategy, your business growth efforts will be wasted. We will work together to develop a personalised strategy that brings your light into everything you do.
Business Alignment
Once we have gotten clear on your purpose and created your soulful strategy, we will put an action plan in place to align your business so no effort is wasted, and everything you do online and offline moves you closer to living your dharma.

Services I Love

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