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Hey, I’m Ysmay



I own Agency 109, a full service business support agency.

I help clients stay in their zone of genius by removing all the management, marketing, and strategy work from their business.

In my mentorship, I help heart-driven women design their freedom lifestyle by becoming Virtual Assistants and Online Business Managers.

What makes me an authority?

✅ I’ve been doing this for a long time. I got my first client back in 1999. I have clients who have been with me for 15 years.

✅ My clients work less and make way more (like…3x-10x more money) because we expand their offerings, increase their profit margins, and eliminate what doesn’t work.

✅ I hold certifications from Wharton and DigitalMarketer, and I used to write about branding for Richard Branson’s Virgin.com.


Business Growing Goodies

step-by-step guides

Stop struggling to setup your first webinar, build your first sales funnel, or design your coaching package. Use my step-by-step guides instead.

revenue calculator

Use my free calculator to get clear on exactly how much you need to charge for your products and programs in order to hit your financial goals.

Product Suite Workbook

Empires are built on product suites. Use my free downloadable workbook to start designing your product suite and the foundation for your empire.

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