I help entrepreneurs

I'm a New Mexican girl with big city dreams, and I'm totally obsessed with web design and online business.

I started building websites in 1999, and over the years I've seen a lot of entrepreneurs struggle to get a handle on their web presence.

Web designers are expensive (trust me, I know!), and DIY websites look, well, DIYed. But in 2017 a powerful, professional website is key to success in business. 

When you have the right website for who you are and what your business is all about, your business grows, seemingly all by itself.

You start attracting your ideal clients who see you as the stellar entrepreneur you are, and want to pay you for the privilege of working with you.

No, this isn't magic.

And yes, you can have more from your website.

Your website combined with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and leveraged revenue streams can help turn you into the business owner you've always wanted to be.





Discover How

The amount of business I realized I was missing before I hired Ysmay is not calculable with today's math. It's like she came in, figured out everything I wasn't doing, and immediately started me on doing it. The difference is beyond palpable. Revenue is up, buzz is up. I couldn't be happier.

-- Peter Shankman
Founder, Help a Reporter Out
and ShankMinds: Business Masterminds



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