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14 April 2020

2020 has fucking sucked.

In fact, 2020 might as well be 2016 4.0.

I am pretty sure Earth got a new programmer in 2016, and this kid doesn’t have the humility to realise he royally fucked up.

Every year he gives us a software update, which doesn’t fix anything, and breaks a bunch of new stuff.

COVID-19 is merely the latest major problem.

My year went to shit because I’m blessed/cursed with a love for humans.

While there are certainly individual humans I dislike, by in large, I like humans.

We’re nifty.

If a human is a good human, treats me well, and isn’t toxic, I’m loyal to them, both personally and professionally.

When I lost all my high ticket clients in December, I was surprisingly cool with it.

I have wanted to streamline the business anyway, and this seemed like the universe telling me it was time to niche down.

So I kept on the low ticket clients; the ones I love and are grandfathered in at old rates because I’m loyal.

Even though I lose money on these clients, I did this because I love them. Some of these clients have been with me for 17 years. And, some of these clients are not in a position to pay anymore than they already do.

I’m talking small town diners, and farmers, and home bakers.

Since December, my business has been teetering on the edge, but things were going according to plan, and March was supposed to be the month that it all turns around.

And then COVID hit.

And that was it. It gutted my business.

I’ve been through some shit in the 21 years I’ve been doing this, but I’ve never — and I mean never — experienced such a radical downturn in such a short period of time.

You know the phrase “zero to sixty”? This was sixty to zero.

And it happened in the blink of an eye.

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