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And this is your first lesson.


I bet you were expecting that button to be a popup for an email opt-in, amiright?

While that works for some businesses and some websites, that doesn’t work for mine.

Two of the fundamental principles in my Strategic Success System are:

1. Always be testing.

2. Don’t assume.

Because here’s the thing:

You’re unique. Your life is unique. Your business is unique.

You can’t expect to be happy if you’re perpetually in someone else’s box.

And this is where most business coaches fail creative entrepreneurs.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in someone else’s fucking box, to live life on someone else’s fucking terms, to function on someone else’s fucking schedule.

But most business coaches I’ve met try to force you to follow their structure, their systems, and their processes saying if you don’t do it exactly their way you’re going to fail.

For a creative entrepreneur, that’s like the kiss of death.

Saying you have to do it exactly “right” or you’ll fail is just like telling you you’re going to fail.

You’re a creative person! You’re never going to do exactly what someone else tells you to do.

If you were cool with that, you’d spend your life working for someone else.

Here’s what you need to do instead…

step-by-step guides

Stop struggling to setup your first webinar, build your first sales funnel, or design your coaching package. Use my step-by-step guides instead.

price your products

Use my free calculator to get clear on exactly how much you need to charge for your products and programs in order to hit your financial goals.

Product Suite Workbook

Empires are built on product suites. Use my free downloadable workbook to start designing your product suite and the foundation for your empire.

Hey, I’m Ysmay


I am all about helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs just like you tap into your unique gifts so you can create the life and the business you dream of. 

Whether that’s sitting by the beach with a cocktail, jetsetting around the world, or at home with your family, I want you to have the same freedom to choose that I do.

Together we will uncover your secret sauce, and build a business that is predictably, purposely, profitably you.


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