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I'm Ysmay

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Where most marketers will have an about page full of markety talk, I’m not most marketers, so I’m going to actually tell you a bit about me.

My name is Ysmay, but clients call me Miss Rainmaker because I make. it. rain. 

I value knowledge and empowerment, which is exactly why I love business. Business empowers.  I was raised by a family of creatives who love business. 

My Dad owned the largest luxury car repair shop in upstate New York.

My Mom owned a consulting business that worked with the Department of Health. She is also an artist and currently consults for arts non-profits.

My Step Dad is an inventor whose products (like the plastic wine cork) and businesses have generated millions of dollars in funding and revenue.

My Aunt is an artist and product consultant. Her clients get products in little Mom and Pop shops like Home Depot, Target, and Walmart.

My Grandmother was a business professor for the State University of New York.

I personally got started building websites in 1999. I have turned small digital startups into multi-seven figure businesses. I have created multiple online brands of my own.

I am the co-owner and COO of Agency 109, a full-service boutique marketing and design agency for seven figure businesses.

I love roller skating, yoga, pandas, gangsta rap, Downton Abbey, Pokemon Go, art, bourbon, and my foxy husband Mike, who is an incredible businessman and recreational physicist. 

Since coaching and consulting is such an intimate business, let’s connect on social and get to know each other first.

I look forward to getting to know you!


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