You don’t want to: 

– be a slave to the business that’s supposed to give you freedom
– Ever hear your fucking alarm clock again as long as you live
– Miss out on important family moments just for a job you hate

You need a Business that 
lets you live your life 

on your terms

My name is Ysmay.

Creative visionary entrepreneurs hire me to help them create leveraged revenue streams and strategic systems to grow their business so they can work less and make more.

With my exclusive system for building digital products, workshops, retreats, and coaching programs, you will start to say “Yes!” to fun and freedom and “No!” to overwork, the feast/famine cycle, and your fucking alarm clock.

Life is about more than just working.

I’m willing to bet you got out of working for other people because you wanted to build your dream; you wanted to live life on your terms, right?

But then you got stuck working more than you thought possible in your business, never seeing your family, and barely making ends meet to boot.

Here’s the thing that probably got murky along the way:

Your life doesn’t exist to support your business. Your business exists to support your life.

Why me?

I have experience. 

Hustle as a freelance web designer? You bet. I started building websites in 1999, back when JNCOs were still a thing.

Manage a coffee shop with a staff of 30 employees? Yep! I understand traditional business and business systems.

Sell my paintings for $5k a piece during the recession when most artists weren’t moving anything? All. Day. Long.

In addition to coaching and consulting entrepreneurs, I currently co-own Agency 109, a boutique marketing and design agency with offices in Wyoming, Chicago, and New York, where I reside with my brilliant and foxy husband Mike.

Love working from my phone!

Sassy and inked.

^my amazing husband.

When we work together you are going to get out of the feast/famine cycle because we are going to build a thriving, strategic, systematised business that leverages your expertise and your creativity. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Emerging Entrepreneur

Are you between $150k and $250k in your business, but still spinning your wheels?

Then you need a custom business strategy with easy to implement action steps to ensure you get where you want to go.

Established Entrepreneur

Are you making more than $250k per year, but you are overwhelmed, disorganised, and flailing?

I will help you build custom revenue streams, strategies, and systems to ensure you grow effectively and efficiently.

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