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When you are trying to build a business there are so many things to do. Early stage entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to do all. of. the. things.

Which is good for a while. After all, how do you know what activities you want to focus on in your business if you don’t try out a lot of different things?

This tends to work from about zero to around $100k. (And let me tell you… your business is going to shift many times on the way to six figures.)

After that, once you hit your first six figures a year in business, it’s essential to pare down what you’re doing to only those that are most effective at boosting your profits so you are able to stay focused.

“Money flows where your attention goes.” – Tony Robbins

So what are the things that you need to be doing to scale from six figures to seven figures? There are really only two: create and deliver.

But before I get into what those, there’s one that comes first.


Nurturing is basically step zero. You absolutely must have your business set up to nurture people every step of the way. Whether it’s your audience consuming your free content or your customers consuming your paid content, you must nurture.

Today’s market is so completely saturated and you are not the only one out there doing what you’re doing. #RealTalk

There are hundreds of people doing something that’s similar to what you’re doing.

You may be the only one who is doing exactly what you’re doing with your own unique spin on it, but there are plenty of people who are doing something that is close enough that if you don’t nurture, they’ll go to the first competitor who seems like they give a damn.

Start off knowing you need to nurture every step of the way, and these next two steps become much, much easier.


First, you need to create. You need to create content that will solve a problem for your audience. When you’re creating transformative content, you’re going to be able to grow your business by turning readers into buyers.

Free content includes things like:

  • Webinars
  • Blog posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Summits
  • Quizzes
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Templates
  • Worksheets

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it’s important to pick the few that are best for your business and your audience. How does your audience (or the audience you wish to have) want to consume content?

Pro tip: what someone is willing to consume early on in their business is not the same as someone who is more established. If I were presenting this topic to entrepreneurs trying to scale from seven figures to eight figures, I wouldn’t do it with a blog post.

Your free content is going to do a few things:

  1. Establish you as an expert/authority in your niche
  2. Set the expectation of what it’s like to work with you

If your free content sucks, people will assume your paid offer sucks. Make sure your free content is top shelf.

But, don’t risk over-delivering in your free content. When you’re still in five-figure mode, and you’re still establishing your expertise, give away a lot. You could almost give away all your secrets without damaging your brand because when you’re still new, you don’t have a reputation. Nobody knows you yet.

But after you’ve hit six figures, be careful not to give away so much there’s no reason to hire you. A good rule of thumb is to give away the 10,000 foot view, but reserve the small details and the minute for your premium content.


After your audience members become customers, you need to deliver results. Delivering results is a matter of matching the premium content you’re delivering with the expectation you set when you created your free content.

What counts as premium content? This really could be anything so long as it is a paid product that delivers a result to your clients.

This could be:

  • Workshops (online or in person)
  • Conferences
  • Articles
  • Speeches
  • Books
  • Design services
  • Coaching
  • Consulting

In order to deliver amazing results you have to know your audience. This is another reason your free content can come in so handy. It sets you up for creating great premium content. It’s an opportunity to do market research and connect with your community.

On the surface your premium content should match the expectation you’ve set with your free content, but underneath it should exceed the expectation. It should be even better than the customer expected.

The surface level needs to meet the expectation because people are rather shallow. We tend to first look at only the surface level.

Surface level expectations include:

  • Did you pay attention to detail?
  • Does the site work right?
  • Did payment receipts show up?
  • Was it easy for someone to find what they were looking for after purchase?

Beneath the surface you should be giving a bigger transformation, a bigger result, than promised so as people are consuming your premium content they’re blown away at how good it is and everything they’re getting out of it. You want them to go, “WOW! This is so good!” because that feeling of “WOW!” will translate into referrals and word of mouth.

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the process of moving from six to seven figures in your business, I invite you to join me on a free call to see if we’re a good fit.


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