Ardently do today what must be done

Apr 25, 2020

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I started losing clients.

Which was completely fucking crazy because in the entire 20 years I had been in business as a service provider, I rarely lost a client.

In fact, I still had client who had been with me since I first setup shop.

But, something happened, and clients started dropping like flies.

Two clients went out of business.

One client pivoted radically and we were no longer a good fit.

Another client came down with a serious illness, and put their business on pause.

Three clients lost clients of their own.

One client was an asshole and I straight up fired them.

In the window of 60 days, the business lost 80% of its revenue.

And the weirdest thing happened…

I felt so fucking relieved.


I love my clients. They’re amazing entrepreneurs and amazing people.

But, I’ve been doing this for so long that I didn’t realise how much pressure was on me.

Pressure to be available constantly — even on weekends.

Pressure to check my email first thing in the morning.

Pressure to check my Telegram while I’m in the grocery store.

Pressure to fix something in the middle of the night — even if I’m on vacation.

Pressure to never get sick, to never be unavailable, to never take the day off to be with my family.

It wasn’t until the pressure started to release that I realised exactly how taxing it was to be all things to all people in my business all the time.

And when the pressure did start to release, I realised I’d rather take an 80% revenue cut than continue like that.

Some people thrive under pressure.

Some people are born to hustle.

But I’m not one of them.

I created a business with the intention of creating freedom.

But what I created instead was a job.

And a job which provided zero time off.

A job which kept me tied to my desk or my phone 24/7.

I was literally sleeping with my phone just in case a client had an emergency. (Talk about unhealthy.) 

And once that pressure started to release…

Once I had fewer clients, and more free time, I started to see the world a little bit lot differently.

So differently, in fact I decided to blow up my professional life and pivot everything… 

But COVID forced me to pull the trigger.


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