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About Olivia Charlet

Half-French, half-Belgian, Olivia was born in Tokyo, and grew up living in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna, and Hamburg. After finishing her Bachelors in Finance in Boston, she moved to London to work in Finance for 3 years.

After a life-changing coaching experience, she quit her job in Finance and completed a Master’s in Psychology and Psychiatry at King’s College and a Coaching Qualification with The Coaching Academy.

In this episode Olivia and I are discussing mindset and how to use your mindset to shape your financial and business success.

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Marketing Minute

What is your favourite marketing book or podcast?

Tim Ferriss.

Currently obsessed with:

Kat Loterzo, Tony Robbins.

Tip to get out of your own way:

Be around people who inspire you.

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