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About Lisa England

Lisa England is a storyteller, creative director, and communication coach, who works with heart-centered, high-achieving women to expand their influence through storytelling, branding, and content. She believes that speaking freely is our path to greatest impact — and knows first hand how easy it is to silence your own message just to make others happy. It took her 33 years and some bumps in the road to unleash her real voice. Now, she loves helping other women find theirs, and draw them to the exact people they’re meant to serve.

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Marketing Minute

Do you listen to any podcasts or read any blogs about storytelling?

Go Into the Story

John August on what it means to tell a great story.

“Story” by Robert McKee

Is there anyone in particular that you feel is a good fit for entrepreneurs?

Robert McKee is the best one to start with; he’s a classic, and super foundational.

Is there anything in particular people should be doing that’s really helpful for storytelling?

Take time to sit down and write out your story.

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