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Why “just get more leads” is terrible business advice

I keep seeing consultants, marketers, and coaches selling "more leads" as if that is the one and only solution for every business that needs to make more money. Countless webinars, workshops, and challenges are promising "more leads to grow your business" and "you...

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Do you have a fixed or growth mindset?

Mindset is everything. And I mean ​everything.​ It doesn't matter if you have the best strategies, systems, or staff. If your mindset isn't right, you will never succeed. There are so many mindset issues I've seen over the years, but it all starts with this: Whether...

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The life changing magic of not being a cunt

2018 has been quite a year for me; a year of growth and transformation. It’s safe to say I’m not the same woman I was last year. I’m finally a woman I’m not ashamed of. I'm finally my best self. Throughout my life I have had some pretty big self-esteem issues. I used...

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3 Places you’re Leaving Money on the Table

For any business owner with an online presence (and EVERY business should be online!) there are many passive ways to build income streams into your website and products that will bring in extra money while you focus on serving your current customers.

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It's with a heavy heart that I announce that 42Yogis is ceasing operations for the foreseeable future. I am unsure how long this will last, but what I am sure of is due to things in my personal life and my career, this hobby has taken a backseat. I have been unable to...

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