an online program to help you Build a wildly profitable agency

Create High-End Packages • Grow Your Audience • Take Time Off
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Proven step-by-step agency growth framework

Transform your retainers and stop doing low-end work

Time and location freedom to live life on your terms

do you hate your clients-based business?

Do your clients drive you nuts with scope creep, bad boundaries, and poor manners?

Are you stuck charging low-end when you know that won’t get you to your goals?

Do you feel unappreciated even though you go above and beyond?

Are you just winging it month to month, never knowing what you’re going to make?

Do you take your phone to the shower just to make sure you don’t miss any important Slack messages?

Are you struggling to get new leads while you see your competition crushing it?

Your service business will either elevate you or exhaust you.


“I’m on track to double, maybe even triple, my income this year.”

~ Crystal Gray

Follow a Proven Framework For Service Based Businesses

Stop Trading All Your Hours for Just a Few Dollars

Hit Your Growth Goals Month After Month


Booked Out

Business Accelerator for Digital Agencies

Designed for Any Service Based Digital Business

• Build an agency you love • 

10 easy sprints; all the Booked Out secrets

This powerful framework will change the way you approach your service based business.

Learn at the office or on the go from any device with a data connection. 


1. ten Easy Sprints

2. Learn on any device

3. Money Back Guarantee

1. ten Easy Sprints

2. Learn on any device

3. Money Back Guarantee

What’s my investment?

How many clients are you missing out on because they don’t know why they should hire you?

How many moments with friends and family have you missed out on because you were too busy working? 

How much sleep have you missed because you’re crunched on a deadline?

How many trips have you decided not to take because you can’t take time away from your business?

How much money have you left on the table because you’re just giving away strategy for free?

Not following the Booked Out Framework is already costing you a great deal.

• What’s Inside • 

10 game-changing sprints to help you grow, sell, and work less.

Each sprint has a workbook and a live call. 


Sprint 1: How to Define Your Market

Find the smallest viable market with the most money to invest.

Sprint 2: How to Structure Your Offers

Create your Strategic Task Action Retainer™ and stop doing low-end work.

Sprint 3: How to Structure Your Time

Stop working 24/7, and run your agency in just a few days a week.

Sprint 4: How to Find Your Dream Team

You’ll never Escape The Hustle if you’re doing everything yourself.

Sprint 5: How to Build Your Expansion Engine

Never wonder where your next lead is coming from.

Sprint 6: How to Get Paid for Proposals

Stop wasting hours creating proposals for free.

Sprint 7: How to Sell Strategy

Stop giving strategy away for free. Get paid for it first.

Sprint 8: How to Set the Terms of Engagement

Stop letting clients dictate how you work together.

Sprint 9: How to Avoid Failure

Understand the stages of digital service businesses and how to avoid the breakpoints.

Sprint 10: How to Make Clients Love You

Retention is key to a Booked Out Agency, and it starts with happy clients.

Booked Out

One Time Payment


Booked Out

12 Monthly Payments


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