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How to Grow a Digital Agency


Woman with coffee.

Trying to grow a digital agency?

That takes a ton of time.

A ton of work.

And it’s easy to forget things.

With all the moving parts of an agency to look after, it’s no wonder that some things fall through the cracks, thus affecting your business growth and bottom line profits.

But, when you put the right pieces in place, you can grow your agency, and fill your roster full of clients who love you and are willing (and able) to pay top dollar.

Let’s talk about the key pieces you need to have in place if you’re trying to grow a web design business.

1. Client Attraction Process

If you’re spending 8hrs a day serving your clients, you’re putting your marketing on the back burner. You don’t have the energy or creative brain power to market to your audience.

So what you do is one Facebook post once in a while. The occasional Instagram post.

It’s just not enough to publish one Facebook post or a couple of tweets every week. Likewise, ignoring your email list is also detrimental to your business.

If you don’t keep up with a consistent marketing plan, people will forget your name, will forget how they ended up on your email list, or forget why they’re following you on social media.

These forgotten people need to be won over yet again and they need to hear and see your company name on a consistent basis before they decide to spend money on your products or services.

But that takes so much time and so much energy and at the end of a long day of serving clients, you simply don’t have it in you.

A Client Attraction Process brings the right clients to you on autopilot.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs: 4 Day Freedom FunnelThis Client Attraction Process is exactly what I help my 1:1 coaching clients develop. Using paid traffic from Facebook and Google, we drive the perfect leads to a high-value opt-in. We then pre-qualify them for only high-end service packages.

But, if they’re not yet your perfect client, we drive them to a webinar to sell them a DIY package. Because here’s the thing most service providers forget:

Just because someone isn’t an ideal client right now doesn’t mean they won’t be in a couple months. By driving them to a DIY package, you show them you’re an expert at what you do, you give them a quick win and alleviate their pain, you get them ready to be your ideal client, and you increase your revenue at the same time. It’s a win all the way around.


Woman with Phone2. Client Onboarding Process

The next step every service business needs is a flawless onboarding process. Most service providers have an onboarding process. In fact, you probably have one, too.

But be honest with yourself here for a second: How much time does it really take you to onboard a new client?

If the answer is less than 15 minutes, awesome! You’re way ahead of your competition.

But if the answer is more than 15 minutes, you’ve got some work to do.

Because the onboarding process can be a massive time suck, and it can lose a lot money, especially if you’re doing low-end work when every minute counts.

But beyond that…

If you’re not onboarding people properly, you can be straight up leaving money on the table. Money that client would pay you if they knew of all the options; if they were presented with add-ons, and choices to accentuate their package without a high-pressure close.

Scroll back up for a sec and look at the Client Attraction Process. Note how there’s the application form before the phone call. This form gets leads right into your CRM.

Then, as soon as you get off the phone with them, you’ll see there’s the order form.

This form is a template applied to your lead’s profile right from within your CRM. This form presents your lead not only with the package you talked about on the phone — your signature service, which we’ll get to in a minute — but it also presents your lead with more ways to give you money, thus increasing their retainer value.

By working with an onboarding process like this, you not only save yourself time in the onboarding process, but you also increase the value of every package without feeling like a sleazy sales person.


3. Your Signature Service

A signature service is not a new concept. But, the way you need to implement it is. Your signature service starts with a core offer: what you’re super awesome at. What you’re a rockstar at. What nobody can question you on.

woman with laptop

You need to strip your signature service down to the bare essentials. The few things that you can do well, effectively, and efficiently. Then you turn everything else you offer into an add-on that your clients will be presented with when they’re signing onto your business.

By structuring your signature service in this way you’re creating what I call a Strategic Task Action Retainer.

Your STAR gets you out of the habit of trading hours for dollars by focusing on your core competency, and turning all the other tiny, annoying things you have to do to deliver a stellar experience into tasks that you get paid to do only if the client wants them. 

You’re not just adding things on without any perceived value to your client. You’re making it clear from the beginning that these tasks have a price tag attached.

And, these ancillary tasks?

They’re charged per task. No more hourly tasks. Group your tasks, put a dollar amount on them, and charge for the tasks completed, not the time you spend actually doing them. When you price by task and not by hour, you can usually make way more money, and because these are ancillary tasks that are not your core offer, you can outsource them to a freelancer without feeling guilty that you’re not doing each one personally.


Just by making these 3 shifts in your web design business, you can explode your income and fill your business only with clients who are ready, willing, and able to pay you top dollar.

Get out of $3,000 contracts, and get into $30,000 contracts.

Finally make the money you need to grow your business, spend time doing what you want instead of working 24/7, and take back your peace of mind.

If you want a mentor to help you implement these elements in your business, keep reading.

grow your agency

without working more


Love your business. Love your clients. Love your life.

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Let me ask you something…

Do you hate your clients?

(It’s OK; I won’t tell anyone.)

Are you tired of taking your phone everywhere just so you don’t miss a call from a client?

Do you love being of service, but you are just completely exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the way to burn out?

Are you fed-the-fuck-up with low-end bullshit projects that make you hate being in business?

If this sounds like you…

I want you to know that you’re not alone. I’ve been in business as a service provider for 20 years, and I get it. 

More than you know.

I understand the anger, and frustration, and resentment that comes with being stuck in low-end rates, for low-end clients, who don’t value you.

Clients who are grateful for all you do, but take advantage of you on the DL.

I know what it’s like to always wonder where the next paycheck is going to come from. I get the constant struggle of wondering how you’re going to pay the bills next month.

And, I know how hard it is to be trapped in this viscous cycle of being overworked and underpaid because there’s absolutely no way on Earth you can build your business like this.

But I finally found a better way.

Using my proven Booked Out Boss Method™ I’ll help you get out of this rut that’s holding you back.

I will help you transform your service business once and for all.

We will break it down, and build it back up.

The right way.

The Booked Out way (that you learned about above).

The way that will make sure you have a waitlist full of ideal clients who love you and are willing (and able) to pay top dollar for what you do.


Hi! I’m Ysmay

I’m on a mission to help digital agency owners just like you earn more, work less, and still be of service without sacrificing money, sanity, or health.

I’m the business coach you wish you had at the beginning.

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I’m your strategic thinking mentor who will help you make good business decisions.

I’m your tech savvy consultant who will tell you what tools and apps you need to grow your service business and what ones you can cancel.

I’m your real talkin’ gal pal who will set you straight when you’re sabotaging your success.


20 Years in web design

I’ve been a web designer since 1999. I co-own Agency 109, a boutique design and marketing agency where we don’t take on a project for less than $16k.

Business Coach

As a coach and mentor I help digital agency owners focus on money making tasks so they make bank, and Escape the Hustle.

But most importantly:

I’m your guide who will show you what to focus on and where to put your energy so you get awesome clients, unbelievable retainers, and do it all without working more.

as seen in

Is this for me?

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You love what you do, and are great at what you do, but you’re fed up with your business.

Your ability to do great work for your clients isn’t the problem; the problem is you keep finding the wrong clients. 

You’ve been in business for at least 1 year, and have a general idea of what you want to accomplish in your life.

You’re not content to stay stuck where you’re at, and you want to move into your abundant future. (You’ve got big plans!)

You are willing and able to invest in your business. (Because you get so much of my 1:1 time, this is an investment.)

You’re coachable, and can take criticism. (I’m going to be honest and tell you if you’re getting in your own way.)


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