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I’ve been working my tail off this year to launch my premier web design course Designerless, a DIY web design course for entrepreneurs, coaches, and yoga teachers. And I’ve been working on my web design podcast, also called Designerless (and doing this while also serving my clients!).

But I have received a lot of emails from my students and listeners saying things like, “I don’t know what to focus my website on,” and “I’m not sure what I’m selling.”

One email really stuck out:

“I tried to build an online yoga studio a few times, but I keep messing up. I try something for a few weeks and I get an idea and try to do that, and before I know it, it’s 6 months later and I still don’t have any income.”

Full transparency here: I totally get that. I have some horror stories from my first 18 months of 42Yogis. I kept spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

Entrepreneurs go through this all the time. Especially emerging entrepreneurs.

We chase after every shiny new opportunity like it’s going to be the next big thing. (Yep, I’m guilty of jumped on the SnapChat bandwagon…it’s not helped my business at all…not even a little bit.)

Then, we spread ourselves too thin, start comparing ourselves to others, and beat ourselves up for not being “further along.”

“Why don’t I have more clients?”

“Why aren’t I making more money?”

And then! Then we end up watching some video on Facebook (probably from Gary Vee) saying the problem is that: “you’re not hustling enough.”

I love the word “hustle” as much as the next entrepreneur, but I can’t tell you how much it makes me want to stab my computer screen with a pen when I hear Gary Vee saying I just need to work harder.

In the middle of all this noise…all this, “You’re not good enough. You’re not working hard enough. You aren’t serious enough. You need to hustle more” noise, my friend James Wedmore really started standing out.

James makes it a point to spend time with his wife (he just got married), and go out surfing. Daily. He isn’t in hustle mode 24/7, and yet he runs one of the most successful online businesses I’ve ever witnessed.

His “secret” isn’t really a secret. It’s about accomplishing more by focusing on less.

(Mind blowing idea, right?)

This is why I refocused my business. This is why I stopped running multiple offers to yoga teachers. This is why I stopped helping yoga teachers with social media, and email marketing, and web design, and selling retreats, and livestreaming.

Instead I started focusing on my zone of genius; I started focusing on the one area in which I know I kickass, and can help people. AND! I changed the vehicle for delivery by switching to a business model that makes it easier for me to have more impact.

This is just a snapshot of what I’ve learned from James over the last year, and over the next couple weeks, I’m going to share with you his complete plan for building your online empire with digital products.

But in the meantime, I want to share with you the top 3 lessons I’ve learned that are key to turning your business into the business you are proud to boast about on your website.

1. Faith in your offer.​

The reason I struggled for so long was because I didn’t have an actual offer — you know, something that promises to solve a problem for someone.

I had a handful of things that I was doing. I was doing live paid webinars. I was doing 1:1 coaching. I had a handful of small digital products.

But none of them were designed to change someone’s life. None of them were designed to solve a problem. They all ​did​ solve problems, and they all ​did​ help people, but did I truly believe that they would?


I didn’t believe I was actually capable of using my offer to help people. Now, turns out most of this was simply mindset, but the key to actually making your business a business is that you trust, believe, and know, you’re actually able to help people with your offer.

If you don’t believe you’re actually going to be able to help someone, don’t bother creating the offer, because — and I’m speaking from personal experience here — you’ll end up with a few half-finished, half-baked, ideas that you don’t really like delivering on.

Once I decided to create a training that I believed would help people, I was off to the races.

2. Faith in your plan. ​

When it comes to having a plan for your business, there are so many ways, strategies and directions you can take (shiny object, anyone?).

We often try and mash them all together at once because we don’t have faith that our plan is going to work.

And thus, we hedge our bets instead of creating and following ONE plan and putting all our faith into it.

James helped me see that with the right plan… a plan I believe in and trust… I can create the freedom in my business and life that I’ve been craving.

I trusted in that plan, took action, and followed through on every step. This faith and action is what’s allowed me to get to where I am today. This is what allowed me to sign ​the Peter Shankman (you know, the founder of Help a Reporter Out!) as my client.

3. Faith in YOU.​

If you wanna be successful as an entrepreneur, you gotta believe in yourself. And I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t always have the confidence I do today. It’s been a journey with lots of ups and downs.

And in full transparency: I STILL don’t always have a ton of confidence!

There are days when it feels like everything is going wrong…maybe my computer rebooted itself, maybe my internet is down, maybe I’m just not feeling it…

And on those days it’s easy to let my mind run wild. It’s easy to let those thoughts in that say: “Who the hell am I?”

But those days are no longer full days, and I can pull myself out of them because at the core of my being — no matter WTF is going wrong — I do believe that ​I got this. ​

Once I started believing that, yea, I totally got this, that’s when the real fun (and success) started. That’s what gave me the courage to create a DIY web design course when there are a few out there already.

That’s what gave me the courage to say to a group of 20+ beta testers, I can help you.

The question I have for you now is: do you believe in YOURself?

If the answer creeping to the surface is, “…kinda…” then I bet that when you start working on your systems, your strategies…when you get clear on what you should do and how to stop doing things that aren’t moving you forward, then you WILL be saying: “Yea, I totally got this.”

So now that I’ve shared my favorite lessons with you, I’ll leave you with the (slightly modified) million dollar question that stumped me…

“Why aren’t you making more money in your business?”

Or maybe this question is more appropriate… “Why aren’t you making more CONSISTENT money?”

Sit on it. Let it ruminate. And write down the real answer. Even if it takes you an hour. Or two. And let me know in the comments. Because early next week, we’re going to talk more about the impact shifting your mindset even just a millimeter or two can have on your business growth.

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