Finally! Stop wondering how much to charge and how many leads you need!

If you want to succeed in business, you need to know your numbers. But do you know them?

Do you know how many sales you need to make each week, each month, in order to hit your revenue goals?

Do you know how many leads you need to get in front of in order to make those sales?

Do you know how much an hour of your time is worth?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No,” my free revenue calculator is for you.

Enter a few numbers below, and the calculator will tell you exactly how much you need to sell each month and how many leads you need to hit your revenue goals.

I do not get to see what you enter here in the calculator. Your numbers do not get saved or emailed to me. If you want to save a copy, click “Print as PDF” at the bottom when you’re done. 

It’s time to earn more and work less.

The biggest reason service providers don’t hit these numbers is because they don’t have a strategy and they don’t have systems. Join me for a VIP session, and we will design systems and strategies that help you earn more while working less, all without sacrificing your sanity.

Book a free call to see if I can help you.

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