Escape The Hustle™

Calling all VAs, OBMs, and Admins! 


discover what it’s like to enjoy
true freedom

Work from anywhere, any time that works for you.

Close your eyes for a minute, and imagine

…having a full roster of your dream clients

…working wherever you have an internet connection

…working whenever works for you

…finally getting paid what you’re worth

…waking up and deciding you’re going to take the day off 

If this sounds like the life you want…

If you want to earn more and work less…

If you want to finally get paid what you’re worth…

If you want to have complete time and location freedom

But it all feels impossible, I’m here to tell you

Not only is this life possible, it’s closer than you think!

But you have to change the way you work.

If you continue on the path you’re on, where will you be one year from today?

  • Will you still be working with the same clients who make you want to pull your hair out?
  • Will you still be way overworked and vastly underpaid? 
  • Will you still be missing out on important moments with your family, beating yourself up over how “bad” you are?

If you’re like most online service providers I know, the answer to these questions is, “…probably…”

Your business is holding you back!

Your business is keeping you from earning more and working less.

Your business is keeping you tied to a schedule and a location that’s sucking your soul dry. 

And unless you make a change

real change…

One year from today you’re going to be in the same exact spot…

Working for the same frustrating clients…

Barely making ends meet…

Except…you know in your heart of hearts…

If you have to live one more year life this…

You might just say, “sod it” and shut your whole business down.

There’s a better way.

I used to have a roster full of clients I hated. I had no free time. I was tied to my desk and my calendar.

And every single December I told myself, “This is it. I’m done.”

But, determined not to shutter my business, I stuck it out.

And I figured out a way to have everything I want in my business:

  1. High priced packages that clients are happy to pay.
  2. 100% location freedom.
  3. All the time I need to spend with my family.
  4. Clients I would walk through fire for.
  5. Peace of mind in knowing I am doing something needed.  

If you’ve been slogging through your business, and you’re on the brink of throwing in the towel, I want you to commit — right here, right now — to not give up. 

Because it IS possible to have: 

  • a proven framework for your business so you don’t have to guess any more
  • a mentor who has been there before to guide you as you grow
  • plenty of time to spend with your family
  • predictable income month after month so you’re never wondering how you’re going to make ends meet
  • ecstatically delighted clients who can’t wait to refer you out to their colleagues

The secret is to step into your future as a Chief Empire Architect.™ 

What is a Chief Empire architect™?

A Chief Empire Architect™ is not a Virtual Assistant, Online Business Manager, or a Project Manager.

A CEA is responsible for managing the strategic vision of the business, creating the systems and framework to make that a reality, and then managing the day to day.

Chief Empire Architects™ are in demand more than ever as more and more entrepreneurs enter the online business world.

Online Entrepreneurs are almost always really f-ing good at what they do — selling, marketing, having big ideas — and really f-ing bad at managing things.

Those entrepreneurs who thrive and grow year after year all have a Chief Empire Architect™: a trusted, strategic adviser behind the scenes who is making sure things get done.

As an CEA you’ll be uniquely positioned to be behind the scenes of some of the coolest up and coming businesses.

You provide support to entrepreneurs who are making big things happen, and you’ll make bank doing it (while working as much or as little as you want)

if your business is set up the right way…

Is this for me?

Becoming a Chief Empire Architect™ is for you if…

  • You’re a big picture thinker, but also detail oriented.
  • You love technology and strategy.
  • You love giving advice, and it delights you when it’s implemented.
  • You want to work on your own terms from wherever you have an internet connection. 
  • You want to provide a valuable service and feel rewarded for your expertise.

When you transition into the role of a Chief Empire Architect™, you will use your creativity, your tech skills, and your strategic thinking in order to be of service to entrepreneurs who are making big things happen. 

This is not for you if you want to get paid to do nothing, if you have no work ethic, if you’re not detail oriented, and if you hate technology.

Introducing the chief empire architect™
Certification program


The Chief Empire Architect™ Certification Program is a comprehensive 16 week business training program where you will learn MBA level business concepts, business management skills, and how to build out systematic, strategic businesses for your clients. 

Here’s what you can expect:


Module 0: set up for success


It’s not enough to know that you want to be a Chief Empire Architect™. You need to put a few essential pieces into place before we can get started. 

In this module we will: 

  • Undo all the negative self-beliefs you have that have been preventing you from reaching success.
  • Setup your daily success ritual so every day you’re prepping your mind and your business for success.
  • Eliminate (or make a timeline to eliminate) things that don’t serve you and are holding back.


Module 1: your business foundation


Before you can start serving clients and helping them run their businesses, we first need to make sure your business foundation is solid. 

In this module we will:

  • Plan your ideal work day, week, and month, so from the very beginning you are set up to grow.
  • Review the tools you’re using in your business and make sure you’re using the right tools for the right tasks.
  • Get clear on how you wish to attract clients, whether through referrals, launches, or challenges.
  • Design your Strategic Task Action Retainer™ (Your STAR) so you finally get out of the habit of trading time for money.


Module 2: Strategic planning


If you truly want to get good results for your clients, you need to be strategic. Strategy and strategic planning is at the core of the Chief Empire Architect™ business model. 

In Module 2 you will discover:

  • The core principles of every strategic business, and the credo you must follow when you’re working with clients.
  • How to make strategic decisions for every part of your business and your clients’ businesses using my VISION Analysis™ framework.
  • How to design a strategic plan that can be easily, yet predictably, implemented.


Module 3: People Management


As a Chief Empire Architect™ you need to manage your staff, your client’s staff, as well as managing all your clients. 

In this module you’re going to learn: 

  • How to manage your clients, their expectations, and — sometimes — their fears.
  • The virtual team you must have behind you as a CEA, and how to find the right people for the job.
  • How to step in and manage your client’s staff in a way that demonstrates authority and commands respect.


Module 4: Operational systems


Every business needs systems to ensure it runs correctly, and can grow with ease. You will implement a lot of systems for your clients, and in this module we’re going to go over exactly how to do that.

In this module, you will learn: 

  • The 9 Key Systems that each business must have in order to succeed and scale.
  • How to devise systems that support the strategic plan you designed for your client.
  • The core components you must build into each system in order to ensure the system functions correctly.


Module 5: project management


As a Chief Empire Architect™ you will spend a lot of time managing revenue generating projects for your clients and ensuring things are getting completed on time. 

In this module you will learn: 

  • How to setup a project plan template that you can use over and over again every time your client has a new project.
  • How to ensure your project deadlines are met with a comprehensive project timeline. 
  • How to break down each project into daily and weekly action items to make sure the project is completed on time. 


Module 6: scaling and growing


The ultimate goal for most businesses is to scale and grow, but each stage of business has growth pains that absolutely must be managed before the business gets to that stage. As a Chief Empire Architect™ you will be able to help your clients navigate each growth stage with minimal discomfort.

In this module you will discover: 

  • The growth stages of online businesses and what you need to be focusing on at each stage. 
  • What problems arise at each stage and how to foresee problems so it never turn into a crisis. 
  • How to design a growth plan that will mitigate the growth pains.


but wait, there’s more…


I know it’s not enough to just learn what you need to know. I know it’s helpful to have resources. I’m going to give you all of the files, systems, and documents I use in my own business and with my own clients.

You can take it all and implement in your own business.


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The Chief Empire Architect™ Certification Program opens in autumn 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Chief Empire Architect™ Certification Program opens in October 2020

If you’re interested in saving your spot, or just seeing if you’re a good fit, I invite you to book a free call.

So, how does this work?

The Chief Empire Architect™ Certification Program is a digital training with pre-recorded videos, workbooks, PDFs, and live coaching calls.

The program begins in October 2020, and is designed to be self-paced.

Every two weeks you will receive a new module. You can take a long as you need to go through the material.

Office hours will be live every month, and you will also be able to text me via Telegram.

Do you have a guarantee?

I have 100% confidence if you go through the process and do the work, you will be able to charge more, get better clients, and finally love your business.

I personally guarantee that if you do the work, and you do not get results, I will continue to coach you privately for 2 month to make sure you’re setup for success.

Do I have to already know tech stuff?

Well, it would help, yes.

But, tech is easy to learn. There are so many tutorials online, and you can find anything you need to know if you just know how to look for the information.

So if you don’t already know how to use Asana, Google Docs, or IFTTT, then don’t worry. You can easily learn.

Is this some get rich quick thing?


Nope. Not even a little bit. There’s nothing quick about this.

The Chief Empire Architect™ Certification Program is different than most of the programs you’re used to seeing because this is designed to give you the framework you need to run your business as well as the skills you need to run your business.

You are only able to get results from this program when you implement, test, and refine. That takes time.


So, you're not saying I'm going to become a millionaire??

Look, I have no idea if you will or not.

If you take my framework and my systems and you implement and you actually do all the work, the odds are really good that you will make a lot of money.

But there are so many variables in your life outside of my control that I can’t make that promise.

And, so long a we’re on the topic, if you ever find a coach or consultant who promises you that you will make a ton of money, run. Because they can’t guarantee it either; they’re just trying to manipulate you into giving you money.

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