CoSchedule Review: Meet the tool that’s saving me HOURS

Jul 14, 2019

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You know I’m all about escaping the hustle.

It’s a freakin’ obsession of mine.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for tools that help me do what I need to do better and more efficiently.

When you’re trying to grow a service-based business (like my marketing agency) it’s imperative you have tools that save you time without sacrificing the quality of the services you provide to clients.

This is where CoSchedule comes in.

Some years ago I started following the CoSchedule blog, and I looked at the tool a few times, but I never signed up until recently.

It’s rare I’m as in love with a tool as I am CoSchedule. In fact, ConvertKit, Divi, and Easil are the only other tools I love as much as I love CoSchedule.

But none of those tools will make you as insanely productive as CoSchedule.

In this CoSchedule review I’m going to go over the great, the good, and the not so good.

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a content marketing calendar that allows you to create, monitor, and tweak content marketing campaigns across a number of platforms including WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or part of a team, CoSchedule has a solution.

How does CoSchedule work?

Using their handy dandy WordPress plugin, you can create and analyse smart campaigns for new blog posts from within WordPress.

Their dashboard also pulls in any posts you sent natively. That tweet you sent while you were standing in line at the grocery store still shows up in their calendar and the analytics.

CoSchedule does more than just social scheduling and analytics. You can also use it to draft blog posts, analyse your headlines, assign tasks for different projects, and keep a running list of ideas. I personally use the ideas pane to store my lists of hashtags for Instagram.

How I Use CoSchedule

If you’ve been following my blog for, well, any amount of time, you know I’m all about efficiency. (And if you’re new here, this post is a good place to start.)

I use CoSchedule to plan and schedule social media content for all of my channels, as well as build social campaigns for my blog content. Requeue fills gaps on my calendar and ensures I’m always posting great content even if I didn’t write fresh content. I no longer use a spreadsheet to draft social messages. Everything is done in CoSchedule, saving me a lot of back and forth time.

I also use CoSchedule to get a good look at my social engagement. If you want to improve, you need to know what you’re working with. The analytics are simple and easy to understand.

What I love about CoSchedule

Requeue: This is easily the biggest time saver. When I hit on a great piece of social content, I can add it to Requeue, which fills in gaps in my calendar. Tweets, once sent, usually disappear into the ether. With Requeue I can bring it to life in a few weeks and boost the engagement. I can also do this for pins, much like I could with Tailwind’s Smart Loop feature.

This isn’t my first time using a tool like Requeue. I used MeetEdgar, and SmarterQueue in the past. CoSchedule is much more intuitive, and it automatically suggests posts to be requeued based on popular content.

CoSchedule Review: Requeue

Good User Interface: UI is important, but something so many social media tools overlook. Many tools say they care about UI, but based on some of the tools I’ve used, they’re designed by programmers. CoSchedule is built for marketers by marketers. They clearly thought through how marketers work first, and then built a tool to meet those needs.

Smart Scheduling: I love not guessing when I should send a post. CoSchedule lets me schedule content for what is historically the best time to post based on my own account engagement. As the engagement trends shift, so does my “best time.”

WordPress Plugin: There’s nothing I hate more than needing to leave my website to run shit. Hate. It. I like being able to run everything in one spot. Switching between apps and tabs is a WOMBAT (tasks that are a Waste of Money Brains and Time). With CoSchedule I can run all of my social media campaigns from within my website. I can write posts, analyse the headline, add categories, and link up the social campaign.

CoSchedule Review: WordPress Plugin

Price: The price is in line with what I would expect for such a robust tool. It’s not overpriced like a lot of other social scheduling tools. And unlike other tools, you can manage all of your content marketing. I find $200-ish a year to be reasonable for what I get. The price does go up based on the plans and features you have. I’m not on the lowest plan because I need more Requeue groups to manage my Facebook Group content.

What Needs Work

This wouldn’t be a comprehensive CoSchedule review if I didn’t also talk about the things that need work.

iPhone + iPad App: The mobile apps leave much to be desired. The functionality is extremely limited compared to their desktop counterpart. The mobile apps are basically only good for schedule a post and telling Instagram to publish (in the case of manual publishing). As I need to be able to run my business from anywhere I can get a data connection, this was almost a dealbreaker.

Luckily, I can use the full desktop version of CoSchedule on my iPad if I login to their website (or login to my website). A more robust mobile experience would make me more likely to recommend this tool to people who travel full-time.

Requeue Pricing: I LOVE Requeue. As I manage more and more groups, I need more Requeue groups to empower me to schedule recurring content. I would like to be able to buy additional Requeue groups without upgrading to the startup plan (currently $59/mo) for 5 more Requeue groups, or the marketing suite plan (beginning at $180/mo) for unlimited. I simply don’t need the additional features at this juncture. When all I would like is an additional 10 Requeue groups, I have no reason to upgrade to a large plan and incur a much larger cost.

No social listening: As part of my strategy to only work 24hrs a week or less, I need to not be on social media as often. As we all know, social media is a giant WOMBAT 90% of the time. How many times have you gone to Facebook to quickly respond to a group post, and you find yourself watching Panda videos 20 minutes later?

But, in order to engage with comments on posts from CoSchedule, I have to go over to each platform. I really don’t like that. I would love to respond to comments from straight within CoSchedule. Hopefully this is in development.

Ideas Pane Customisation: I love the ideas pane where you can track different ideas for different pieces of content or projects. It’s a great feature that every other content marketing tool I’ve used was missing. However, ideas have to be tied to something, like a social message or a blog post.


If you’re serious about content marketing in 2019, you need CoSchedule. This amazing tool is going to save you so much effort and energy you’re going to kick yourself for not signing up sooner.

P.S. Inside my program Booked Out Agency, I’m going to walk you through how to setup a complete content marketing system with CoSchedule that you can use with clients. 

CoSchedule Review: Meet the tool that's saving me hours

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I love reading what our users like about CoSchedule and seeing what they find most valuable.

    All the best in 2019!

    • Thank YOU for creating such a great product!


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