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In this episode of That Podcast Ysmay Hosts I’m talking to Dan Paulson about a lot of things in your business, but specifically the importance of coaching your staff and differentiation.

Dan Paulson is an accomplished international speaker, author, facilitator and coach. Throughout his career, Dan has developed a passion for helping leaders find ways to grow business while improving the experience for both employees and customers. He combines over 25 years of deep, on-the-ground, corporate experience with the evolving wisdom of current business trends, to facilitate the most successful, adaptable and innovative work environments possible.

Pay attention to:

5:00 – The importance of coaching your staff

8:00 – An unexpected result from investing in your staff

13:45 – Why you should hire before you actually need staff

15:00 – Defining what success means to you

19:30 – Vision setting for your business

22:00 – Be a bit of a disrupter


How and why visioning works

Creating a vision

Dan’s website

Dan’s mastermind, The Ultimate Braintrust


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