learn how to build and manage your professional website and boost your business

Are you struggling to be taken seriously in business
because your website isn’t modern and professional?

Do you know you have an amazing service,
but your website is turning away the clients you crave?

Are you ready to learn how to do it yourself,
but you want to know you’re starting off with an amazing website?

If you’re trying to make it as an entrepreneur in 2017, you don’t *need* a website that’s basically a glorified business card.

What you need is somewhere to sell your programs and services, position yourself as the expert you are, and regularly turn visitors into leads.

You need a website that is professionally designed for sales, while learning how to maintain it yourself.

And you may not realise this, but there is a cost to ignoring your poorly designed website, or your website that’s built on an inferior platform.

Not dealing with your website is costing you clients, opportunities, and revenue.

According to a study conducted by Adobe, 38% of website visitors will just leave if the site is badly designed.

A poorly designed website could be actively turning away people who might otherwise want to hire you.

Think for a minute what this might be costing you.

If your flagship offer is $997, and your website turns away one person every month who would otherwise work with you, you’re losing $12,000 a year.

Your website is straight up costing you $12,000 in new business every single year.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be leaving $12,000 on the table every year over a problem that’s totally fixable.

Its time to make your website work for your business, not against your business.

I have over 18 years of experience building websites.

I started building websites professionally 5 years before WordPress even existed.

Back then (in the 1990s), you had to know all the code, and do it all by hand.

But luckily for entrepreneurs everywhere (and my wardrobe!), we’re no longer in the 90s!

Now anybody — yes, anybody! — can learn to build their own professional website.

And when you and I work together, you’re going to get a professional website designed for sales, while also learning how to do it all yourself so you’re empowered to take charge.




Learn how to build your own professional website step-by-step.

Designerless Coaching is for you if…

 You are planning on making more sales online, and you know your current site won’t cut it.

 You have big plans for building your empire but know your current website won’t help you get there.

 You want to finally be recognized as the subject matter expert you are and you know a poorly designed website will hold you back.

 You are struggling to be taken seriously by prospective clients because your website is outdated.

 You are tired of leaving money on the table because your website isn’t designed for conversions.

 You want to be empowered to manage your site by yourself without shelling out for a designer every time you want to make a change.

 You want your website designed and built by a professional, while also learning how to maintain it and update it yourself.

Your website. Your business. Your terms.

Designerless Coaching is a comprehensive web design coaching program that teaches you how to design and build your own website.

You will be empowered to build and manage your own website, saving you the hours of frustration, and thousands of dollars that come with hiring a web designer.

You’ll finally have a site that’s set up to convert visitors into leads so you can stop chasing potential clients, and let them come to you.

Your site will act like an active member of your business, giving you a place to make sales while you sleep.

Together we are going to design and build your website from the ground up, while I teach you how to do it yourself, how to maintain it, and how to use your website to make sales.

You get to borrow my brain, my 18 years of experience, and look over my shoulder as I teach you how to build your own professional site from the ground up.

For your one time investment you’ll get your professional website, lifetime access to all of our recordings, the complete Designerless DIY course and all future updates, and all bonus material so you can fully step into your future providing web design services for your clients.

We are going to hop on live video, design, and build out your site together.

Here’s what you can expect to learn.

Getting Started + WordPress Basics

It’s important we’re all on the same page when it comes to websites, so we are first going to go over website basics.

 What exactly is a website, anyway?

 What to name your site and how to pick out a domain.

 What to look for in hosting, and how to set it up.

 How to install WordPress.

 WordPress Basics.

Design Basics

Once you understand WordPress, we are going to go over the basics of design theory and start planning out your design. We’re going to create a master brand guide that will keeps us on track as we start building out your pages. You’ll:

 Understand the basics of colour theory and designing a colour scheme for your site.

 Get clear on the importance of fonts and how to pick fonts that complement each other.

 Finally know where and when to use stock photos and how to find ones that go with your brand.

Develop with Divi

Now that we have your design planned out, we are going to start building your site out using Divi, a premium theme that is flexible enough for programmers and non-programmers alike to use to get a kickass website. You’ll learn:

 How to customize Divi for your own brand using the brand document we put together.

 How to use the drag and drop editor to create your own custom pages.

 How to import and export layouts into your pages.

Creating Your Pages

We have your site setup and designed, so now we are going to work on your pages and copywriting, and send your site live. You’ll learn:

 How to design and write a kickass about page that makes people want to work with you.

 Best practices for your site’s “Start Here” page based on your business model.

 The importance of your menu items and how they build your brand.

Designerless DIY Lifetime Access

Designerless is my premium online course designed to teach entrepreneurs how to DIY their own websites. You’ll get lifetime access to this comprehensive training.

Value: $297

Divi Theme Lifetime Access

The Divi Theme is what we’ll be using for this course, but unlike some trainings that make you go out and buy the required theme, I have a Divi theme and license with your name on it.

Value: $69

Email Support

You’ll get an additional 30 days of email support from me to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Value: $1500

Exclusive Page Kits

I have exclusive Divi Page Kits for you to use for to jumpstart your site projects.

Value: $297

Designerless Facebook Group

Want to ask me your web design questions? Ask away! The Designerless Facebook Group is an exclusive community of aspiring web designers who are committed, creative, and supportive.

Value: $147

The amount of business I realized I was missing before I hired Ysmay is not calculable with today’s math. It’s like she came in, figured out everything I wasn’t doing, and immediately started me on doing it. The difference is beyond palpable. Revenue is up, buzz is up. I couldn’t be happier.

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It’s time to have the website your business deserves.

All of my websites come with a satisfaction guarantee. We will keep working on your site until you’re happy. We work side by side until you have a design that is robust, comprehensive, and reflective of who you truly are.

More than a guarantee, this is my personal promise that I won’t leave you hanging, even if our contract together is up. We will keep working together to build you the website you — and your business — deserve.


Do I have to have a domain?

Nope! You can get started with just your laptop, internet connection, and willingness to put in some work. I’ll get you hooked up with hosting and a domain. If you already have a domain, great! We’ll go over how to make it work with your new site. I do encourage you, however, to switch to my recommended hosting so you can get the best web host on the market.

How much time will this take?

The mentorship is designed to take 30 days. We will work together weekly through email, live video calls, and recorded sessions.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, I offer a two payment option.

How do I know this is for me?

This is for you if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to have a professional web presence, and also want to be able to manage it yourself going forward.

This is not for you if:

  • You have extensive web design experience.
  • You’re impatient and don’t want to take the time to learn how to build and manage your own website.
  • You’re pleased with your website, and don’t want to uplevel.
What if I don't know how to code?

Then this is for you! This course is designed for entrepreneurs who need a kickass, professional website, but don’t know the first thing about coding. We’re going to start at the basics, and you won’t need to know any coding to put your site together with my system.

Do you have a refund policy?

Since this is a mentorship and not a traditional website package, no, I do not offer a refund. I cannot control your level of commitment or any life events that may arise. I will, however, go above and beyond to make sure you’re pleased.

When is the DIY bonus course available?

Now! And you’ll have lifetime access to the course and the group so if you ever have any questions about website changes or updates, the answers are just a few clicks away.



Ysmay Walsh is a digital strategist and podcaster who is passionate about empowering emerging entrepreneurs so they can create their prosperous B.I.Z.

With a background in web design dating back to the 1990s, Ysmay has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses create websites that move their business forward. She was also the founder of a startup in Austin, TX, and the Director of Digital Strategy for a startup in London.

Ysmay created the popular yoga blog 42Yogis.com in 2014 to help people embrace yoga and transform their health. The strategy she used to take that website from 0 visitors to 14,000 daily visitors in under 2 weeks is the foundation for the digital strategy she teaches her students.

An avid blogger, she has written for Virgin, YogiApproved, and is currently a Huffington Post contributor.

Currently based in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Ysmay loves to travel, and spends a lot of time on the road, working from Starbucks’ across the country. When she isn’t working with entrepreneurs, Ysmay can be found making art, doing yoga — often while listening to gangsta rap — and obsessing over pandas.

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