I’ve obsessed with business, and technology for both online and offline businesses since before I can remember.

My Dad was an entrepreneur and then a computer programmer. My Mom is a web designer, and social media consultant.

My grandma was a college business professor. My grandmother owned a chemical company in Manhattan.

I was raised in a geeky family that supports and values ingenuity, working for yourself, and creativity.

As much as it’s always been my dream to work for myself, I have — like almost all entrepreneurs — had to work for others at some point or another. And — as is my nature — I always struggled to keep my ideas to myself; much to the displeasure of several of my bosses.

But no matter what kind of jobs I’ve held, I’ve maintained a web design practice of some kind or another since 1999.

I was first diagnosed with a heart problem as a small child (later turned out to be a nervous system disorder), and I couldn’t go to school. My parents started teaching me how build websites when I was just 8. And I got my first paying client in 1999.

Over the last 17 years I’ve built tons of sites ranging in sizes from small to large.

I was the Overnight Web Editor of a newspaper. I started a site called MetroSeeker.com where I helped people find a city that resonates with their personality.

I was the Director of Digital Strategy for a company in London where I oversaw everything related to the website development, and digital strategy. And after yoga helped me get a handle on my dysautonomia, I built my yoga site 42Yogis.com.

And then, about 2 years ago…I started to feel burned out. I stopped taking on very many clients (special request only). I quit my job, and I focused all of my energies on yoga and helping people get healthier.

When you learn something as a kid, and when you’ve done it as a job for over 15 years, it’s almost part of you.

And — if you’re anything like me — you sometimes get bored with who you are and you crave something different. More challenging…more interesting.

So I pushed back. I tried to ignore my web design background. I spent months telling people I was just a yoga teacher.

Even though people were coming to me asking me not to build their sites, but to teach them how to build their sites; to teach them how to design a website strategy, I was desperately resistant to doing this.

But I’ve been feeling a paradigm shift in my personal life and in my business. As many of you may have noticed, I am revamping the way I do business (starting with a full rebrand over this last summer), and I’m refocusing on what people have told me they want to see me address.

Hence a lot of the new offerings you may have noticed.

There’s one really big request that people have been asking me for that I’ve reaaaaaaaally been resistant to. More resistant than having web design as my focus.

I’m contemplating changing my mind and giving people what they’ve been asking me for, but I’m nervous because that means a more thorough revamp of my business, and I’m going to have to face my fears, and…well, that’s scary.

If I’m going to do this, I’m going to need your help. It’s my community that’s going to really give me the courage to revamp my business and go in a new direction.

That really big request I hinted to? Well, before I throw it out on the table (because vulnerability is a little scary right now) I first want to know this:

What are you struggling with? What are YOUR goals? How do YOU need support?

You can email me (ysmay @ ysmay.com) or leave a comment below.

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