It’s time to turn off your hustle mode


mentorship to help you escape the hustle


Stop me if this sounds familiar…


You’re a freakin’ idea machine, but you have soooo many ideas you never know what to focus on, and you rarely finish what you start.

You are sick and tired of hustling 24/7; you weren’t born to work this much, but you feel guilty when you take time for yourself.

You’re tired of doing #allthethings when you really want to just create and serve and chase all the shiny objects that catch your eye.

You’re overworked, underpaid, and wish you had more time to focus on your passion projects.

You’re allergic to numbers, and shudder at the idea of sticking to a plan because you don’t want to be in a box.

You want…

To stop struggling to juggle work and family at the same time!

To be able to chase all the shiny objects whenever you want!

To travel and explore without worrying about the biz!

And you want a trusted mentor to guide you and show you the way.

Hey there, I’m Ysmay!

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs just like you earn more, work less, and embrace all the shinies without sacrificing money, sanity, or health.

I’m the coach you wish you had at the beginning.

I’m your super organised bestie who will help you tame the chaos.

I’m your strategic thinking mentor who will help you make good business decisions.

I’m your tech savvy consultant who will tell you what tools and apps you need and what ones you can ignore.

I’m your real talkin’ gal pal who will set you straight when you’re sabotaging your success.

But most importantly:

I’m your guide who will show you how to revolutionise the way you work with my 4 Day Freedom Formula™ so you’re balaned and bankable.

Introducing balanced + bankable

Balanced & Bankable is an implementation program designed to help you:

quit hustling 24/7 so you have more time for what you love because life is more than just your work

get stuff done by focusing your energy on the right things so you finally stop spinning your wheels

make bank by creating leveraged digital offers that can sell themselves while you sleep

Balanced & Bankable is not a course, membership, or mastermind.

This is an implementation and mentorship program.

Using my exclusive 4 Day Freedom Formula™ we’re going to shift the way you work once and for all
so you live in balance and make bank.

Balanced & Bankable will help you…

Stay In Your Zone

Stop wasting all your time and energy on things you shouldn’t even be doing in the first place!

make bank

Create leveraged digital offers that can sell themselves on autopilot while you sleep!

get stuff done

Stay on track, meet your deadlines, and knock your goals outta the freakin’ park!

How it works

sprint 1

First, we’re going to do an inventory of your business. We’re going to get clear on what’s working and what’s not working. We’ll get clear on your goals and set deadlines.

sprint 2

Second, we’re going to get crystal clear on how you’re spending your time. We’re going to see how you’re spending your hours and days, and see where you’re wasting energy (and money).

sprint 3

Third, we’re going to restructure your week and days using the 4 Day Freedom Formula™ so you can fully leverage your gifts and stop wasting your time and energy on things you shouldn’t be doing in the first place.

sprint 4

Fourth, now that you’re living in balance, we are going to dive into your market, do competitor research, and focus on revamping your business model so it works with your balanced lifestyle.

sprint 5

Fifth, we’re going to design a strategy to create leveraged offers that you can sell on autopilot, whether you’re asleep, spending time with your family, or jetsetting around the world.


Then, you’ll focus on optimising your business, creating your offers, and hitting your goals month after month with ongoing accountability, mentorship, and support.

You’ll get…

weekly accountability

Don’t go it alone! I’ll be right by your side and help you hit your goals with weekly check-ins.

Monthly Pick My brain Session

Bring your questions to the call and I’ll answer them live. Afterwards, I’ll upload the recording to the site.

handcrafted trainings

After the sprints, you’ll get monthly handcrafted trainings to help you in life and in business.


Need to learn how to build programs? Design revenue streams? Write emails that convert? I gotchu covered. Once we get your foundation in place with the 5 sprints, you’ll have access to the Balanced & Bankable Training Library. 


Business Management Basics

I know, I know. The day-to-day management of your business is not fun, and it’s something you probably already outsourced to an online business manager.

It’s necessary to have a basic understanding of business management principles so you know whether or not your OBM is managing things correctly. 

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a rockstar business plan without the overwhelm
  • How to manage your money with ease
  • How to find help and outsource tasks


    Hot Copy That Converts

    There’s something magical about writing copy that compels the right customers to take action and repels the clients that are a bad fit.

    This workshop looks at your copy as a whole, cohesive, tool to solidify your brand and show off your expertise (and personality!).

    In this workshop you’re going to uncover real-life copywriting strategies that turn your sales pages from so-so to stellar.

    • How to connect and sell without feeling sleezy
    • How to write emails that subscribers can’t wait to open
    • How to write sales pages that convert readers to buyers


    Create Your Flagship Course

    There are so many courses online these days it can feel a bit overdone, but there are courses because they freakin’ work. Courses. Make. Bank.

    And you don’t have to wait until you have a massive list to create and sell a course.

    In this workshop, you’re going to discover:

    • The 3 must-have elements of every online course
    • How to get people excited for the launch of your upcoming course
    • My single best strategy for quick and accurate market research (even if you hate research!) 


    Attract High-End Clients with Ease

    I remember the first time I charged $20k for an offer. I was terrified. I spent months talking myself out of charging those prices.

    But once I did, my business took off. Attracting and serving high-end clients is an art, but it’s not a mystery.

    In this workshop, I’m going to pull back the curtain and you’ll learn:

    • How to bust through your high-ticket mindset blocks
    • The 5 essential components of every high-end offer
    • The fine art of naming your high-end program so it makes sense for your business and your ideal clients.

    My Philosophy

    My Philosophy


    I don’t believe in work/life balance. I just believe in balance.

    Sometimes balance means you are able to equitably distribute time and energy to all areas of your life that matter.

    Sometimes that means you work your tail off for a week, and then you take the next week off. 

    But it doesn’t mean living in constant hustle mode. 

    In Balanced & Bankable we’ll explore tactics and strategies for creating a more balanced life.



    I also believe to truly have an impact in the world, and live the life you want, you need to make money.

    Without creating offers, selling them, and serving your customers, you don’t have a business — you have a hobby.

    But so many entrepreneurs just create products on a whim — or, they get stuck and don’t create any at all.

    In Balanced & Bankable I’ll help you create offers that are highly valuable, easy to create, and can be sold on autopilot through smart automation so you can turn hustle mode off.


    Nature doesn’t rush, yet everything gets done. ~ Lao Tzu

    VIP Case Study

    When Crystal came to me…

    She was the owner of a yoga studio in Chicagoland, working constantly, and barely making ends meet because she was so overwhelmed she couldn’t focus on growing her impact.

    All she could do was maintain the status quo.

    And it was taking a serious toll.

    She was burned. out. Self-care was on the back burner, and she felt guilty about putting herself first.

    Crystal successfully sold her yoga studio, and started the Yoga Goddess Academy, an online yoga training platform that empowers thousands of women to become their best and healthiest.

    Crystal is now the author of the best selling book Goddesses Fart Too, and leads yoga retreats and teacher trainings around the world. 

    She gets paid to live her truth, help others, and travel.

    After one of our in person VIP sessions in Chicagoland.

    All because of the strategies and systems we have implemented in her business.

    We narrowed her focus. Streamlined her offers, and optimised her business to run lean and efficiently.

    I have guided Crystal through becoming a digital business owner, writing a best selling book, and selling out retreats all around the world.

    And, as she said in her video, she’s on track to double, if not triple, her revenue. (That’s a 200%-300% increase; industry average is 5%-10%.)

    I can get you these results, too.

    In addition to my years of experience and track record:

    I hold certifications from DigitalMarketer in Customer Acquisition, Customer Value Optimisation, and Copywriting.

    This is for you if…


    You are tired of being overworked and underpaid (this isn’t what you signed up for!), but you can’t seem to get yourself out of this rut.

    You are a digital business owner — whether you’re a VA, web designer, or coach — with something of value to offer your clients.

    You are tired of doing all the things all the time (especially admin or tech stuff) but you aren’t sure how to get out of the way.

    You want to stay in your zone of genius once and for all and let someone else run your business but you know you have to make some changes first.


    This is not for you if…


    You love being stuck in victim mode and don’t actually want to make any lasting, sustainable changes to your business.

    You are all about the hustle and love being a workaholic (Balanced & Bankable is about getting out of hustle mode).

    You are here on this page looking for a virtual assistant, tech admin, or OBM (this is a mentorship, not a Done For You service).

    You are expecting results overnight, and expect some sort of guarantee of results. (Your mileage may vary because I don’t run your business.)


    Limited Launch Pricing

    Pay Monthly


    per month

    12 monthly payments

    Bonus: one 1:1 clarity call

    Bonus: Idea to Income Course

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    Pay annually


    per year

    1 annual payment

    Bonus: one 1:1 clarity call

    Bonus: Idea to Income Course  

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    VIP Monthly


    per month

    12 monthly payment

    Monthly 1:1 coaching call

    Bonus: Idea to Income Course

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    All prices in USD.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Is this a mastermind?

    Nope. This is a 12 month implementation program designed to help you increase your impact, grow your revenue, and live in balance by strategically structuring your days.

    Is this some get rich quick thing?


    Nope. Not even a little bit.

    You’re going to have to put in some effort, and I make no guarantees about the kind of success you’ll achieve.

    I'm already in business, but I'm not making money. Is this for me?

    Yes! So often when new entrepreneurs aren’t making money it’s because they’re focusing all their energy on the wrong things, or they’re not completing things. Balanced & Bankable is designed to help you focus on the right stuff and actually get it done.

    I just launched my business; is this for me?

    Yes! It’s never too early to start working on your strategy and business foundations! When you get setup right from the beginning, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and hassle later on.

    Can I upgrade to VIP later?

    Maybe! VIP spots are limited, so I can’t guarantee one will be available later on.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    I offer a 30 day refund policy, beginning the first day the program begins.

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