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Latisha Robb on being true to your soul

by Oct 19, 2016Profits and Prana

In this episode I’m talking to soul coach Latisha Robb.

A self-taught spiritualist she is the mother of 5 children and believes mothering is a testament to her purpose as she’s ‘mother’ to many including her own parents.

In her first book, Turn on the Lights (So You Can See), she explains how she became the mother of 5 though she biologically only has two children. She also explains the complex relationship with her parents at a young age that has since been transformed in which Ms. Robb has lovingly shared her successes with both of her parents generously.

Her second book, What You Don’t Know About Your Soul is a bold progression in her material. It is a book that will touch on topics that are not widely spoken about, especially in Urban and Christian communities exploring topics such as karma, Universal Laws, Astrological Ages and the like.

We talk about your soul, spirituality, reincarnation, and even book writing.


Latisha Robb

Latisha Robb

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  1. Great podcast!


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