Designerless 7 Day Website Launch Sequence

7 Days to the Show-Stopping Website you deserve. (No designer required.)

When I started building sites in the 1990s, I had to know every bit of code.

But now anybody can design and build their own professional website. “I’m not a geek” is no longer a valid excuse for having a bad website.

In this free guide, I’m going to show you exactly what to do so you can get your own site up and running by this time next week.

17+ years experience

You’re learning from someone with over 17 years of experience in web development. The best practices, the best tools, and the best techniques I have for setting up a site framework are now yours.

Keep it Simple

No puzzles. No mysteries. This launch sequence breaks it down in the most simple way possible to empower you to get ready to launch your new site in 1 week.

Mobile Friendly

This Launch Sequence is delivered as a PDF right to your email. You can access the PDF anytime, anywhere you have an internet or data connection.