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It’s about 8pm on Christmas Eve as I sit down to draft this post. Later I will probably work on finishing up some Power Point slides for a workshop I’m recording next week.

Many people would tell me I’m crazy, “Take time off.” “Don’t work so much.” I can hear it now.

But that’s exactly why I wanted to share this tonight.

I love what I do.

I love creating content. Recording podcasts. Working with my clients. Devising strategies and systems.

For me this doesn’t feel like work.

That’s not to say what I do is always sunshine and roses, and there are a lot of tasks I’d rather not do like Facebook ads, handling all my bookkeeping (I actually enjoy doing my books, but I’d like some of that time back), payroll, video editing…

But when I’m asked, “What would you do if you didn’t have to work?” I am always stunned by that idea. I can’t imagine not working. Sure, there are things I want to learn and places I want to go, but I find little as satisfying as my work.

I know this is cliche, but when you love what you do, nothing feels like work. Things have to get done. There are tasks, and goals, and objectives, but they don’t feel like the stress and monotony of what we normally think of as “work.” The drudgery of it all isn’t there.

Whether you’re new in business or you’ve been around the block, I want you to take some time over this holiday break and figure out what it is you love to do in your business, and make a list of the things you’re not crazy about doing.

Then, I want you to commit to yourself — call it your holiday gift to yourself if you want — that you will focus on outsourcing or automating the things you’re not crazy about doing.

I myself have made great strides in automating my bookkeeping, and I’m outsourcing video editing and Facebook ads in 2018. Are these things I can do? Yep. But I don’t love them, and I’d rather focus my time on what I love.

Now that all being said, I’ve been in business for a while, and I can afford to outsource now. But when you’re just getting started you have more time than money, and it would behove you to do what you can — even if you don’t love it — and build your standard operating procedures so when you have the bandwidth to outsource in 2018, you know what needs to be done by your VA and how they should do it.

There is great freedom by getting rid of the things in your business you don’t love doing and you suck at doing. When you can do this, I promise your day-to-day experience with your business will improve, as will your perspective and level of excitement.

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