Escape The Hustle™

And live your best life.

That Podcast Ysmay Hosts is a podcast designed to help entrepreneurs and creatives thrive in life and in business.

At the intersection of mindset, personal development, strategy, and systems, this show is designed to be a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs who want to Escape The Hustle™.

Interested in being a guest?

Topics for the episodes: Anything related to business (including non-profit business), entrepreneurship, creativity, productivity, health and wellness for entrepreneurs.

Target listeners:

  1. Entrepreneurs who make a living through their creativity, including those who had an out-of-the-box idea, and those who are creative in the more traditional sense.
  2. Creatives who want to become entrepreneurs so they can make a living by following their creative pursuits.
  3. Service providers who are awesome at what they do, but maybe not so awesome at the business side of business.
  4. Changemakers who want to use business to make the world a better place.

Ideal guests: Anyone who runs a business, makes a living through their creativity, or has valuable advice for someone who is trying to monetise their creativity. Included, but certainly not limited to: actors, authors, TV personalities, musicians, business coaches, wellness coaches, productivity experts.

Each interview episode is approximately 30 minutes in length. Recording times are booked for one hour to allow for time to handle any tech issues that may arise, and any time overages should we get into a good conversation.

The episodes operate without structure because it’s important to me to allow the guest the freedom to dive into their topics.

At the end of each episode, feel free to plug an offer or lead magnet, which I am happy to link to in the show notes.

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