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Ysmay Walsh is a digital strategist, web designer, and podcaster who is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs look legit and grow their revenue with a professional web presence, and aligned programs.

With a background in web design dating back to the 1990s, Ysmay has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and small businesses create websites that move their business forward.

She was also the founder of a startup in Austin, TX, and the Director of Digital Strategy for a startup in London.

Ysmay created the popular yoga blog in 2014 to help people embrace yoga and transform their health. The strategy she used to take that website from 0 visitors to 14,000 daily visitors in under 2 weeks is the foundation for the digital strategy she teaches her students.

A recent digital strategy she implemented for a client brought in $27k in profit — with no advertisements or webinars — in 7 days for a course pre-launch.

An avid blogger, she has written for Virgin, YogiApproved, and is currently a Huffington Post contributor.

Currently splitting her time between Chicago and New York, Ysmay loves to travel, and spends a lot of time on the road, working from Starbucks’ across the country.

When she isn’t working with entrepreneurs, Ysmay can be found making art, doing yoga — often while listening to gangsta rap — and obsessing over pandas.


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