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Why it’s important to build your website on the right platform

by Jan 14, 2019Best Business, Podcasts, That Podcast Ysmay Hosts, Web Design

It’s entirely too easy to get taken in by a virtual assistant, web designer, or other service provider who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Cleaning up the mistakes of shoddy service providers makes up a large part of my business.

A friend of mine — I’ll call him Dave for the purposes of this post — was sold an awful website that would never, ever do what his business needed.

Dave was sold an HTML website for his new business by a web designer who said it’s easier to host. Turns out the designer used his own host, which doesn’t support the database that WordPress requires.

Dave went with it because the upfront cost was cheaper.

“It’ll be fine,” Dave thought.

$2,500 for a WordPress website vs. $1,000 for his static HTML website.

It’s a no brainer, right?


A few months into business, Dave‘s business is now stuck.

He already passed multiple six figures generated by in person sales, but he won’t be able to tap into digital sales and hit seven figures without a new website.

Which means he needs a new host.

And he needs a new web designer.

He needs someone to take all of his static HTML website assets and translate them into WordPress.

The migration — done properly by a skilled designer — will cost at least $2,500-$5,000.

And that’s on top of the $1,000 he already invested in this cluster fuck.

Don’t Be Dave.

Set your website up right the first time.

Setup your website on your forever host. (Bonus for my readers: sign up for DreamHost and get $50 off shared hosting.)

Do your research.

If your goals are to grow your business, make more sales, and decrease your time spent working…

Do not go with static HTML or Squarespace or Wix or any platform other than WordPress.

WordPress is *the best platform* for building a multi six and seven figure business online.

And if you don’t get it setup right the first time, you’ll just have to pay more money later on to fix the mess.

Just like Dave is shelling out way more money now than he would’ve if he just invested properly at the beginning.

Don’t Be Dave. Set your site up right from the start.

And — if you need a pro designer to make sure everything is done properly — contact me. I have a couple slots coming up, and I’d be delighted to help.


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