What I Do

Clients have called me, “Miss Rainmaker,” “the architect of my breakthrough” and “my biz soulmate who doesn’t put up with my shit.”

And as much as those warm my heart, none of them really describe what I actually do.

My work is best described as:

online business management systems + consulting + coaching

I specialise in helping creative, passionate entrepreneurs take control of their business by setting smart strategies, systems, and revenue streams.

I understand being a creative entrepreneur is hard enough without trying to do all the things that desperately need to get done to grow your business.

Things like:

Manage your team

Onboard new customers

Create new products with ease

I also know time is money.

Without systems in place to handle the tasks that need to be done, you’ll be spending far more money going back and forth with a virtual assistant, pulling out your hair, wondering why the hell they just aren’t getting it and then charging you for the time they wasted.

Ysmay WalshThat’s where I come in.

When you work with me, you get an online business manager and systems strategist for 90 days who is dedicated to making your online business operate like a business should.

I will work with you side by side to build out the systems you need to manage and grow your business without hiring any full-time staff. (Trust me; it can be done!)

Sounds great, right? Maybe too great? Maybe like there’s a catch coming?

There is, and it’s this:

I’m not going to let you sit there and do nothing while I make your systems.

We will be working together.

You will have to show up because when our 90 days together comes to an end, I need you to be empowered to run your business.


Unlike most online business managers, when you hire me…

You’re not entering into an arrangement where you’re going to be screwed when our contract ends.

You will get documentation, strategies, systems, and processes, to ensure your business is able to grow and flourish whether I’m there or not. (Hell, whether you’re there or not.) 

You’re not getting a “yes woman” who will simply do your bidding (no matter how much you might want that).

  1. You’re getting a consultant who will recommend a course of action.
  2. You’re getting a strategist who will tell you the most strategic way to do things.
  3. You’re getting a business coach who will call you on your shit and tell you when you’re getting in your own way.

I excel at making sure your business is operating efficiently and effectively. While each business will have different needs, the systems I will develop for you will fall into one of four categories:



Every creative entrepreneur needs products. We will develop your own systems for rapid product development and launches.


We will build out systems to hire and manage staff, serve  customers, and build an audience of people who get what you’re all about.


As a creative entrepreneur, you’re an idea machine, but without systems for productivity, too many good ideas can sabotage you.


Do you have systems for reinvesting in your business? For handling profits? For paying yourself? Don’t worry; you will.

Systems and Processes

If you want to scale your business, you need strong systems. I will design systems to help your business grow.

Your Positioning

To truly stand out in your target market you need to be positioned in a way that highlights your secret sauce.

Revenue Streams

Every business needs offers to bring in passive income. We willbuild products so you can make money in your sleep.

Your Sales Funnel

No matter what you’re selling, you need a sales funnel. We will design the funnel that’s best for your business and your target market.

Copy That Converts

Words sell, but not just any words. They need to be the right words that speak to your ideal client. I will write sales copy that converts visitors to buyers.

Your Website

A strategic website is absolutely essential to growing your business in 2018. I will make sure your site is optimised to inspire the right visitor to take action.

Should I bring on an Online Business Manager to set up my systems?

I have to be honest with you…

The answer to this question might be, “no.”

Because here’s the thing:

While an online business manager can help you fix a lot of problems in your business, they can’t fix everything. They cannot fix what’s going on in the six inches between your ears. Your mindset has to be aligned for growth, prosperity, and success in order for an online business manager to be effective.

When we work together, I am going to require you to show up. While I will insist on being in charge for the duration of our time together, I will not allow you to just hand over everything to me and walk away for three months. You will be required to show up, to meet with me, and to be fully present so when our time together is over, you are empowered to run your business.

I expect you to be just as dedicated to your business as I am.

It’s also important you understand that if you cannot afford a Virtual Assistant, you are probably in no place to hire an Online Business Manager to set up your systems.

If that’s the case, you’re better off investing in a program that has kits for systems you can set on your own, no consultant required.

An online business manager will...

  • Help you get aligned, focused, and strategic about your business.
  • Assist you in hiring assistants who can support your business growth.
  • Create systems, processes, and strategies that will grow your business.
  • Help you manage your team so you can get back to doing your creative work.

An online business manager will not...

  • Be the one doing all of the work. They’re managers, not assistants.
  • Let you sit back and twiddle your thumbs. (It’s your business, after all! You still have to show up.)
  • Put up with your excuses about why you can’t do this, or why you can’t do that.
  • Allow you to stay stuck in your comfort zone no matter how resistant you are.

Gain clarity

Stop wondering if you’re doing the right things. As your trusted advisor I will work with you to ensure you are.

Reduce your stress

You didn’t get into business to be constantly stressed. I can help you put in systems that will run your business in your absence.

Grow your income

You need to have offers that can sell when you’re not behind the computer. Together, we will bring those offers to life.

Hear what my client Crystal has to say about working with me.

Crystal Gray, Founder of the Yoga Goddess Academy

How would we get started?

First, we’re going to hop on a call and see if we’re a good fit because I do not work with everybody. (And in full transparency, I’m not everybody’s cup of tea.)

Second, if we are a good fit, we will sign a contract, and you will make your first payment. I manage all my clients with Dubsado and you will have a client portal you can access to retrieve any and all records related to our work together.

Third, we will block out time on both our calendars to have our initial deep dive strategy session. We will get very clear on your business direction, strategy, and goals, and make a plan for what needs to be tackled first.

Fourth, we get to work! I start doing the work we decided needs to be done. It’s incumbent upon you to ensure I have access to everything I need to be able to serve you.


What if I'm not ready for this program? Can you still help me?

Sure can! You can enrol in the Smart Set Academy.

The Smart Set Academy is for budding entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs who are just starting to get traction, and need to learn how to do things in their business, including set systems.

Best part? I have downloadable Success Kits you can hand off to your assistant.

Click here to get more information.

What systems will I get?

It depends on your business’ needs. Every business has different needs, but typically the systems I develop are for:

  • Onboarding customers
  • Content marketing
  • Product creation
  • Product launch
  • List growth
  • Branding

How often will we meet?

We will have one weekly phone call for the duration of our 12 weeks together. These calls will allow me to understand how your business is operating from your perspective while I develop your systems.

How long will we work together?

I have found 90 days is the minimum amount of time it takes to set up effective systems, tweak, test, and refine.

At the end of our 90 days together you will be able to hand off your systems to your virutal assistant.

Can I have you on my team permanently?

No, but I do offer a monthly retainer for consulting and coaching, which we can discuss if we are a good fit together.

How do I know if I'm a good fit?

You must be ready, able, and willing to financially and emotionally invest in the functionality and optimisation of your business.

You must be an action taker and willing to get your hands dirty.

You must have a mission and passion for the work you do. I am not a good fit with entrepreneurs who are only in business to make a fortune.

What's the difference between a VA and an OBM?

A virtual assistant is focused on executing the things you tell them to do. They’re not strategic thinkers, and they’re not skilled in management.

An online business manager is focused on ensuring your business is managed properly with the right systems, and advising you on how you can run your business better.

Do you make any guarantees?

No, I do not guarantee results or revenue increases, and you should be wary of any consultant who does make you a guarantee.

While I cannot guarantee you revenue increases, I can promise you that for 90 days you will have someone on your team who is dedicated to making your business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible so you can increase your revenue while you’re not behind the computer.

Do you offer refunds?

No as you’re investing in my time and my processes.

I’m ready when you are! Let’s chat!

Take a minute to fill out the form below and tell me about your business. If we’re a good fit, I will send over my calendar so we can set up a time for a free consultation. If we are not a good fit, I will refer you to a business coach who is better suited for where you are in your business.

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