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27 Client Email Templates

Suggested: $15.00

One of the most common questions I get asked from VAs, OBMs, and coaches is about how to talk to clients.

  • “How do I fire a client?”
  • “How do I tell someone their card expired?”
  • “How do I deny a refund?”
  • “How do I invite someone to be a JV partner?”

And so many more.

So I took all 27 email templates I use in my very own business and bundled them up into an instant-access digital download.

Inside you’ll find these templates:

  1. Cancellation recovery
  2. Client boundaries
  3. Missed appointment
  4. Refusal and referral to another provider
  5. Refusal and referral to another package
  6. Terminating a client who wastes your time
  7. Rate increase announcement
  8. Refund refusal, credit card cancellation
  9. Refund refusal, credit card dispute
  10. Refund refusal, PayPal
  11. Termination of relationship
  12. Client reactivation
  13. Testimonial request
  14. JV Partnership Invitation
  15. Discovery call follow up
  16. Post event lead follow up
  17. Referral bonus for existing clients
  18. Referral request
  19. Declined payment
  20. Expired card
  21. Failed payment follow up
  22. Insufficient funds
  23. Past due
  24. Payment plan arrangement
  25. Payment plan collection
  26. Monthly recurring payment reminder
  27. Annual recurring payment reminder

Usage agreement: You may use these in your own business, and you may modify them and use them with clients. You may not sell them or give them away as a lead magnet.

Minimum: $5.00

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