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Veteran Actor Patrick Kilpatrick on Living a Creative Life

by Feb 3, 2019Podcasts, That Podcast Ysmay Hosts

I am super excited about today’s guest, Patrick Kilpatrick.

Playing against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes, Patrick Kilpatrick’s entertainment career has spanned more than 170 films and television shows as lead actor, producer, screen writer, director, and global entertainment teacher – from “Minority Report” with Tom Cruise to “Dark Angel” with Jessica Alba, from the largest production in Public Broadcasting history to the Los Angeles Theater Center with John Goodman and Academy Award winning British director Tony Richardson in Shakespeare’s “Anthony and Cleopatra”.

He has appeared in over 75 hit TV shows such as “24”, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and all iterations of “CSI”.

“I’ve been killed, beaten-up or jailed by nearly every leading actor on earth and in outer space,” Patrick remarks.

In this episode, we discuss what it means to live a creative life, and Patrick shares actionable tips on how to show up and thrive.


Patrick’s website:

Patrick’s book: Dying for Living


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