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What I’ve learned after a week of daily podcasting

by May 8, 2019Podcasts, That Podcast Ysmay Hosts


Hello, hello. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, whatever time it is whenever you are tuning in to That Podcast Ysmay Hosts. You guessed it. I’m Ysmay. Today I want to share with you some reflections that I have about what I have learned in the last week of doing daily podcasting. The first thing I’ve learned is that I’m really not a big fan of my intro music, so that’s going to be changing in fairly short order. I liked it when I picked it, but my brand has evolved since then and I no longer feel like that person who picked that music. It doesn’t jive with the brand that I am and the brand that I’m living. So, intro music that’s going to change. I probably wouldn’t have figured it out this quickly if I wasn’t hearing it over and over and over again for the past week. So, there is something that was an unexpected lesson about daily podcasting.

You are going to hear your show a lot. You are going to hear the way you speak. You’re going to hear the way you present your ideas, and you’re going to figure out what you like and what you don’t like. I have also learned that in general conversation I use the word so as a filler word. I successfully eliminated, almost, most filler words like ums and hms, but in its place I sometimes stick the word so, which is something that I am now able to work on because I have heard it so many freaking times in this last week of daily podcasting.

I have also learned that done is better than perfect, which is my mantra for living life for the last couple years. It’s better to complete things than worry about making sure they are perfect before anybody sees them. This has been a very hard lesson for me to learn, because I am a perfectionist at heart. But, in the case of daily podcasting it’s especially important to realize that perfection is an almost impossible target. If you are trying to make sure every single episode has perfect audio, and there’s nothing going on in the background, and everything is done perfectly every single time it is going to be an exercise in frustration.

So, I have been really learning that this week and really taking that lesson to heart, because I made a commitment to my audience that I was going to show up every single day. That means I can’t get hung up on the details in making sure every single one of them is exactly the way I would like it to be in a perfect world. Because if I do that then I’m not going to be getting these episodes out to you every single day as I promised.

Another thing I have learned this week I really enjoy daily podcasting much more than daily live streaming. Video is a very big challenge for me to do every single day because I don’t feel very well every single day, and it’s very hard for me to fake feeling well long enough to get through a video. I used to do this daily video thing on Periscope with some women in a group called PeriGirls.

For a while it was awesome but it became very draining on days when I’m not feeling my best. That was really hard for me to push through and commit and to do it anyway because I had made that commitment. I ended up getting very resentful of the whole process. With podcasting I can batch record these episodes, and that’s what I have been doing, and then you get a new episode from me every single day that is ready to go, but it has been uploaded and recorded and handled all on one day when I know I feel pretty freaking awesome. So, operationally it’s been a lot more efficient to do daily podcasting than was ever possible for me with daily video.

That takes me to my next point which is daily podcasting is 100% doable but you need to have systems. Systems are everything in this situation and you need to be open to refining the systems as you use them and you figure out what’s working and what’s not working. If I didn’t have a system for this it would not be happening. That’s just the way it is. But, I do have a system and I do have a process which makes daily podcasting a reality for me now. To do daily podcasting with the original system I had set up is an expensive proposition. The way I had originally structured this was to be doing most episodes off the cuff like I’m doing [inaudible 00:04:59], but I have not scripted the episode.

The general workflow that I had anticipated and that I have been using, mostly for this last week, is I share my ideas here on audio referring back to my bullet points. I then send the recording to, get it transcribed, upload that to the website along with an embedded player so anybody who subscribes to my blog can get the podcast there. That is a tedious and an expensive way to run this process. It is going to be both cheaper and faster for me to script my episodes and then record them instead of recording it, sending it off to Rev, waiting for them to get it back and then uploading it. So, it’s going to keep me on track. I’m not going to be as rambly and disjointed and I’m also going to be able to get the episodes done quicker. So, that is extremely important when thinking about if you’re going to be embarking on a daily content creation journey.

Then, last but not least, the most interesting and surprising lesson I learned is that if I do daily podcasting my audience will still show up. I was a little bit worried I would be overwhelming people with content and people would stop listening. I expected my listenership to actually decrease.

However, my listenership has only grown. In the last seven days I have gained 23.4% increase in downloads. Each episode gets more downloads than the one previous which means my audience is also growing with each and every episode, which I find fascinating. This is exactly the opposite of what I thought was going to happen.

So there you have it. These are the lessons I have learned from the first week of daily podcasting. I’m definitely going to keep this up throughout the rest of May, but it may become something I do constantly in my business.

This may be the main channel for me to create and distribute content because so far I’m really, really enjoying this. I hope the lessons that I’ve shared with you have at least sparked some ideas for how you could embark on a daily content creation journey of your own. I hope you also see that it’s really not as overwhelming as it might seem from the beginning. It is really not as intimidating once you get started.

With that I hope you have a beautiful afternoon or evening, whatever time it is whenever you’re tuning into this and I will see you right back here tomorrow.


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