Why I am completely in love with ConvertKit

Aug 25, 2016

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When I started email marketing I started out on AWeber. I did what everybody does when they start with AWeber. I made a list, set up an autoresponder sequence, and left it alone.

A little while later I wanted to segment my list, and divide it up among people who are interested in yoga and those who are interested in wellness. To my surprise I needed to create a whole separate list.

So I did, and the next time I wanted to segment I created another list. When I put out a lead magnet, I had to create another list. Another lead magnet? Another list. And another list. And another list.

I was with AWeber for two years, and AWeber served me well during that time, but the mess that had become my AWeber account simply because I wanted segmentation was unacceptable. Automation rules? Forget about it.

By the end of my relationship with AWeber, I had over 50 lists. My super fans were showing up in my subscriber account multiple times. One subscriber was in my account 9 times. 9! When I discovered that I knew something had to change and there had to be a better way to do email marketing.

Enter ConvertKit.

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9 Reasons to Love ConvertKit

1. ConvertKit just makes sense.

There are a few things that are hard to find, but they’re obscure things that nobody who isn’t a complete numbers nerd won’t ever need. If you want to get people onto your list, send some emails, and delete some subscribers who unsub, it can’t get any easier than ConvertKit. If you want your email marketing platform to be simple, and logical, and for things to be easy to find, then you want ConvertKit.

And my favourite logical feature? You can see all the emails in a sequence on one page. I know this sounds really minor, but when you have some long sequences like I do (I have some with over 50 emails), it’s really irritating to have to open a separate page to open an email to see if it’s the one you’re looking for to make an edit.

2. Things don’t take 9 steps.

As someone who has used AWeber and has to use MailChimp for some clients, I can’t tell you how nice it is to use a platform where things don’t take 9 confusing steps to set something up or make a change. For example: you don’t have to turn off a sequence that’s currently getting delivered to subscribers in order to change it. You can rearrange emails in a sequence by dragging and dropping.

3. No more need for multiple lists! 

Only one list? Say whaaaa? That’s crazy.

But it’s true! Unlike AWeber ConvertKit is a single list system that uses tagging to segment users. When I switched from AWeber and did my initial migration I lost over 1000 users who were on my list multiple times. I’m not going to lie…my ego took a little bit of a blow when I realised I didn’t really have as many subscribers as I thought.

In ConvertKit every email address is in your account once, and only once.

4. My email deliverability went waaaaaay up.

My sore feelings from realising I was 1k subscribers fewer than I thought were quickly soothed when I started getting emails from subscribers saying they’re so excited to see me in their inbox again. One women commented she hadn’t seen an email from me in months. Over the following weeks I heard more and more of these stories. It would appear that my emails on AWeber stopped getting through. Once I switched to ConvertKit they started getting through again.

And the reason is because ConvertKit is a genius.

They don’t just let anybody sign up. If you’re a blogger, and you’re authentic, and you’re not going to be spamming people, you’ve got nothing to worry about. But if you’re in an industry that typically has a high spam rate, they don’t let you create an account. ConvertKit knows when people are getting flagged as spam the deliverability for everybody on their service suffers.

All new accounts are reviewed for possible spam, and accounts are continually reviewed for high spam rates to ensure everybody who uses ConvertKit maintains high deliverability.

5. Need a simple yet pretty form? CK’s gotcha covered.

Forms are no longer the bane of my existence. On AWeber my forms were uuuuuugggggllly and clunky. And MailChimp’s forms aren’t anything pretty to look at either. As soon as I got LeadPages for my business, I dumped AWeber’s forms because I couldn’t stand to have those hideous things on my site.

ConvertKit’s forms are super simple to create, simple to modify, work right, and are really easy to beautify. Want a form that looks great on your site and goes with your branding yet is eye-catching? You can have it. Want a minimalist form that won’t detract from your content? You can have that, too.

Want a popup? Done. Want a popup that people actually pay attention to but doesn’t spam people? Done. Need a simple landing page? Done. (Unfortunately you can’t host landing pages on your own server yet. I really you could, but that’s just me being a URL snob. I like when all my URLs match.)

6. Confirmation emails that people actually get.

My biiiiiiiiiiiiggest beef with AWeber and MailChimp is this:

Sometimes (a lot of the time) confirmation emails just don’t fucking show up in a subscriber’s email. They get sent to spam. Or they vanish entirely into the ether.

And when that happens, you’re up shit creek without a paddle because there is nothing you can do about it. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of people I had in my AWeber account waiting to confirm their subscription because they couldn’t find the confirmation email and I couldn’t send them a new one. Not only that, I couldn’t delete the people who were “pending” so they just sat there collecting digital dust and making me mad at AWeber.

ConvertKit got wise to this, and they made the confirmation emails something that people actually receive and something people actually want to open.

When you send someone a confirmation email they get your “welcome to my list…blah blah blah” email that has a customizable subject line (what a concept!), and a pretty button in the body of the email that you can link to anything you want. “Join my private Facebook group.” “Download a free workbook.” “Here’s a dog doing yoga.” When the user clicks that button they’re confirmed as a subscriber AND they get something awesome from you.

Not only are you confirming they want to get your emails, you’re also giving them value, all the while making sure that confirmation email doesn’t eaten by inbox goblins.

7. It’s easy to rename things.

Need to rename a sequence? Easy. Need to rename a form? Done. Need to change a tag? Piece o’ cake. You don’t have to go to the hidden depths of the app to find where they stuck the list settings. Renaming things is as intuitive as creating it the first time.

8. It’s mobile friendly! 

I am on the go. I travel a lot. And even when I’m not leaving my home town I spend a lot of time at a coffee shop, or at the gym, or a yoga studio. I don’t want to take my clunky laptop with me everywhere I go, but I still need to be productive because, let’s be serious, a girl’s gotta get stuff done. This past spring when I spent a week and change without my laptop, I couldn’t do anything to my AWeber account. This would’ve been fine, but I had a problem that needed to be addressed and I couldn’t fix it from my iPad. Tsk, tsk, AWeber.

ConvertKit works everywhere you have a WiFi or data connection on pretty much any device. I have yet to find a device that I can’t use to manage my entire ConvertKit account. I can do everything from my iPhone, my iPad, or even my old Android phone that I can do from the desktop version.

9. Automation rules FTW!

And last, but certainly not least, automation rules. Automation rules make my life so much better and have allowed me to automate most of my email marketing. Here are just a few I use religiously:

When someone signs up to present on my podcast they get tagged “podcast-speaker” and added to the sequence that delivers them all the info about booking a time to record. Once they do book a time to record, the tag “podcast-speaker” gets removed, and they get tagged “podcast-booked.” Podcast booked triggers a reminder email of things to do to prepare for our call.

When someone signs up for yoga and wellness news, they are tagged “indoctrinate” and added to an indoctrination sequence where I send them my best content and tell them about my journey over the course of a couple weeks. Once they finish the indoctrination sequence, the tag is automatically removed and they’re tagged “engagement” and added to my engagement sequence where every single email has something for them to engage with that provides epic amounts of value.

I’m only a few months into my ConvertKit journey, but I’m already madly in love with this service. I invite you to explore ConvertKit for yourself and find your own reasons to fall in love or — in the very least — become besotted.



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