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I keep seeing consultants, marketers, and coaches selling “more leads” as if that is the one and only solution for every business that needs to make more money.

Countless webinars, workshops, and challenges are promising “more leads to grow your business” and “you just need to get more leads; here’s how.” “5 simple steps to get more leads so you can grow your business.”

“The one thing every business needs is more leads…”

This is awful advice! “More leads” isn’t always the solution.

Furthermore, most people who are saying this are trying to get you to hire them. You are their lead and they’re counting on you being blinded by the idea of more money, and let’s be real for a minute: who doesn’t want to make enough money to do what they want and support their family?

But it’s all too easy to get sucked in by this message because it takes the responsibility off of you, the business owner.

If the reason your business is suffering is simply because you don’t have enough leads, then it lets you off the hook. It means that maybe you just don’t understand Facebook ads, or maybe you just don’t have great email marketing.

But here’s the problem:

More leads won’t save your business if you have a sales, delivery, or product problem, and those are your responsibility.

If you are ineffective at closing sales, if you are sloppy at delivering the product, or if the product itself is sub-par, then more leads is just a waste of your time, energy, and money.

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First, fix your sales problem.

Are you shitty at sales calls? Hire someone who isn’t. Hire someone who has a proven track record of closing sales calls.

Do you only have one way for people to pay you? Add another option. Some clients really don’t want to use PayPal.

Are you taking too long to get them from cold lead to ready to buy? Speed up the process. More about this in another post, but here’s some food for thought: someone who has a problem doesn’t need a solution in 6 months. They need it today. If you’re taking weeks and weeks to take the lead from “Who is this…?” to “Lemme give you my money,” you’re going to be losing a lot of money.

Some percentage of leads won’t want to be sold to on day one, and that’s fine. You can dump them into a longer funnel, but someone who has a big pain, a big problem, needs a solution yesterday.

Second, fix your delivery problem.

Once someone does pay you, what happens? Does a system kick in? Do they get calls? Do they get downloads?

You may think the answer to this is “yes” but check. Try it out as a customer. Make a fake customer account and go through your process. If they’re having trouble getting their deliverables, then guess what? Your refund rate is going to increase.

Make sure the delivery is as smooth as bug free as humanly possible, and if it’s not, offer your clients a bonus. In food service we call this customer recovery, and the same principle should apply online.

Then, when sales and delivery are dialed in, you can focus on leads.

If a marketer is telling you to just get more leads and is ignoring the fact that there are likely other problems that are keeping you from growing your business, run far, and run fast. A legitimate, competent marketer won’t pretend more leads is a miracle cure for every single business.

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