Add Revenue Streams

Are you tired of doing 1:1 work? Are you interested in reaching more people while working less going forward? Adding additional revenue streams to your business and optimising sales funnels may be just the ticket.

Launch a Course

Do you want to be seen as the expert you are, without working harder in your business? A course can do that for you. We’ll map out your course and a strategy to get you in front of students. The last course launch I ran for a client generated $25k+ in sales with $0 ad spend.

Optimise Your Website

All too often under leveraged sites are the reason you’re leaving money on the table, but who wants to be beholden to a web designer? I can teach you how to optimise your own site so you can keep growing your business on your own time.

Why am I the girl for the job?

My 18+ years of experience, for starters! 🙂

I started building websites as a way to put myself through college back in 1999. It was never meant to be my career, but it stuck! There’s something about being able to see something come to life with just a few keystrokes that really excites the creator in me.

It wasn’t long before web design turned into digital strategy. I believe a website without a strategy is useless. It’s just a glorified business card.

And the proof is in the pudding, as it were.

I have had a nervous system disorder since I was a small child. I came to yoga as a way to overcome my nervous system disorder, and became totally hooked. I started my yoga website as a hobby site as a way to share yoga with others. I didn’t mean to create a business, but thanks to my digital strategy, 42Yogis took off.

My new site went from zero visitors per day to 14k visitors in one day within 2 weeks of the site being live.

At the time I was the Director of Digital Strategy for a startup in London, and left to strike out on my own, help people learn yoga, and help emerging entrepreneurs use digital strategies to create a business that lights them up.

In my work as a digital strategist I work with clients to identify new goals, or goals that are unmet, and put together a strategy to help you reach them using digital marketing techniques.


I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs create more revenue and freedom in their businesses.

What’s it like to work with me:

Before we work together, we’ll hop on the phone to see if we’re a good fit.

If we are and decide to move forward, we will schedule an initial consultation to go over your goals, and I will write a proposal for your review. For single projects I use project-based pricing. For ongoing work, I work on a retainer basis only. The price depends on the deliverables and level of support required.

What you can expect:


  • I am generally unavailable by email, text, or phone before 12pm ET or after 4pm ET. This is to allow me enough time every day to fulfill my obligations to clients.
  • We will conduct our calls and meetings via Zoom. I will provide you with the recordings, and with notes after our session.
  • Each project has milestones and sign off points for us to agree upon before we move onto the next stage to ensure you are happy with the work completed. Sometimes this means the project will pause until you’re able to sign off.
  • I will require materials, information, and a signed contract from you before work begins.
  • You will be provided with a client portal where you can access your call recordings, materials, and send materials to me.

The amount of business I realized I was missing before I hired Ysmay is not calculable with today’s math. It’s like she came in, figured out everything I wasn’t doing, and immediately started me on doing it. The difference is beyond palpable. Revenue is up, buzz is up. I couldn’t be happier.

Peter Shankman
Founder of Help A Reporter Out
ShankMinds: Business Masterminds

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